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Q1/2023 Wrap-up: A Look Back of What Shaped the Year's Start

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Apr 12, 2023 • 7 min

Can you believe it's already April? 🤯
It feels like we rang in the new year just yesterday, but here we are, three months later, basking in the sunshine (hopefully! 😜).

As we reflect on the first quarter of 2023, it seems like each month could be labelled with a specific theme. January was a month to remember as we celebrated our 8th anniversary. Love Friendship was in the air all of February as we celebrated Friendship's month, V-Day, and Dragobete (the Romanian version of V-Day). 💛. And in March, we honoured the fabulous women in our lives. 🌷

We had quite an eventful quarter, but hold on tight and join us as we take a closer look at the projects, events, and highlights of the first three months of 2023. ⚡️

From Concept to Reality: The Projects We Brought to Life

At Wolfpack Digital, we are on a mission to build powerful and innovative web and mobile apps from start to end. It's not just what we do, it's who we are! Our team is driven by a passion for technology and a commitment to delivering the best possible solutions for our partners. 

During Q1, we worked on multiple projects, from cutting-edge mobile apps to sleek web platforms, and we pushed the boundaries of what is possible and brought our clients' visions to life.

EqualityAI - US-based startup bringing modern technology methods using AI to solve healthcare's most challenging problems by reducing the risk of biased outcomes.

CAPInside - German investment platform connecting investors and asset managers through machine learning and providing users with the latest news, trends, and strategies for their capital.

U-Image - A wireless ultrasound platform that provides higher-quality medical services for African communities through access to affordable and accurate medical imaging. And for a more precise diagnosis, it also allows doctors, medical staff, students, or trainees worldwide to collaborate and share their insights on the scans taken with the specialized device.

Primary.Health - Driven by people and powered by technology, Primary.Health provides health diagnosis solutions for large public and private organizations in order to protect the US population.

Banqup - An all-in-one accounting platform that helps SMEs, freelancers, and self-employed individuals digitally connect to their accounting processes anywhere and anytime and simplifies the process of creating, sending and monitoring business invoices.

A celebration of us 

At the beginning of each year, we celebrate our anniversary. In January 2023, Wolfpack Digital turned 8 years of innovation, passion, and excellence. 

Our journey has been filled with a strong passion & dedication for powerful apps and unforgettable experiences. From the very first steps of building the foundation to the present day, the team has shown their tenacity and dedication throughout challenges and opportunities alike. As we look back, we are in awe to see how far we've come, and we look forward to meeting new heights in the years ahead while building our path sustainably! 🙌

As for the celebration - we kept it simple yet breathtakingly beautiful. 
We all gathered at the office, indulging in delicious cake 🍰, sipped on refreshing prosecco 🥂, and enjoyed an incredible lights show in our backyard! ☄️

The highlight of the night was reading our colleagues' incredibly powerful and inspiring answers to the questions, "What pawprints have we already left in the world, and what legacy do we want to create going forward?" 🐾

Some of the standout responses were, "To change the world for the better through our awesome work", "To create a greener world that future generations can enjoy", "To design apps that will change people's lives", "To foster a growth mindset that encourages us to constantly improve", "To create products that marry performance with beauty", "To empower others to achieve their full potential", and "To deliver exceptional quality in everything we do".

As we reflected on these powerful messages, we were reminded of why we do what we do and the impact we can have on the world. Here's to leaving a positive mark on the world, one pawprint at a time! 🥂

Women’s Month 🌸

March is a month that holds a special place in our hearts, as it is dedicated to celebrating and honouring the incredible women who have shaped our world 🧚‍♀️. 
From pioneers in science and technology to trailblazers in the arts and social justice, women have played an integral role in advancing our society.

At Wolfpack Digital, we are proud to have a team of exceptional women who inspire us every day with their intelligence, creativity, and leadership.
Currently, more than 40% of our team are women, making almost 1 out of 2 wolves a wolfette. 👯‍♀️

Women's Day was celebrated with an elaborate Wine-tasting event 🍷 by our ladies.
Between the sparkling & tasty wine glasses, they received some thoughtful gifts 🎁 and enjoyed an afternoon together. 

Our celebration of powerful women didn't end here, as later on in March, we organised our first-ever charity auction where we bid for each other's precious old items, handmade creations and other goodies too. 

And the best part? It was all for a fantastic cause – supporting women from disadvantaged backgrounds! 🫂

A huge shoutout to Lupi and Andreea, who spearheaded this incredible idea and gave us all the support we needed to make it a success. 
The bidding was intense, the energy was high, and everyone walked away feeling like a winner. 🤩

Our very first Design Meetup

The end of the quarter was marked by our meetup: “Design & AI: Applications & Implications”.

And oh, what a blast it was! 

Our creative designers have put together an unforgettable evening that can only be characterised by creativity, inspiration, and pure fun. We dove headfirst into big ideas, lively conversations, and mind-boggling insights that left us all buzzing with excitement. 💥

A huge shoutout to Cristi and Denisa for organizing this night. 🤘

The power of community 🙌

We always take every opportunity to be more involved and help our community. They are the true driving force of what the future holds, and it's truly important for us to share our knowledge and experiences with them. 

Q1 had many opportunities for this, as you can see: 👇

  • Scoala Altfel week - We hosted around 50 students from the National College "Avram Iancu" from Campeni for an activity in which they learned more about Wolfpack Digital, the IT industry, and how it is to be part of our pack. 🐺

  • Connect the eHealth Community & A special WiT event - European University of Technology - EUt+ - Gina, our CEO, was a speaker at both events.
  • Career Days by the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca - Oana & Diana represented Wolfpack Digital and met some amazing students. 
  • Romanian HealthTech Startups 2023 Overview Meetup - Laci, our Business Development Manager, joined on stage as a panellist. 

  • Innovation Labs - is one of the programs we have supported for a few years now, and we’re excited to be a part of each year. Cristi, Victor and Razvan joined IdeaJam as mentors on 2 separate occasions, while Adi, our CTO, shared his insights and advice as a juror at the Hackathon.

  • Crosul Divelor - Between all the running ladies and the colourful outfits, you could've spotted our girls: Ioana, Dana, Diana, Oana, Ale, Denisa, Carmen & Ioana, representing Wolfpack Digital in pink tutus with an unbeatable level of energy and excitement. ⚡️

Recognitions that matter 🎊

Every time we receive recognition, it reminds us why we do what we do. 
To know that our work is being seen and used by millions of users is an incredible feeling that we can hardly put into words. 🤩

It's a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion that goes into every project we take on - all with the goal of creating something that will make a real difference in people's lives.

We're incredibly grateful for every recognition we receive, and we look forward to continuing to create amazing work that has a positive impact on the world. 🌍

  • Wolfpack Digital became a “Firma de Aur”/”The Golden Company” laureate.
  • We received the TechBehemots Awards 2022 for Custom Software Development, Web Design, and UX/UI Design.
  • Findbestwebdevelopment positioned us as #2 on the 2022 People’s Choice Award and #6 on Best Web Development of 2022.
  • We are among the finalists of the 2023 ESG Awards for the Social Responsibility Project Award.
  • featured Wolfpack Digital in the “Weekly review” with one of our latest reviews. 

Bytes and Insights: Our Latest Blog Posts to Keep You Informed 🖥️

This past quarter, we've been equally busy on our blog, too! And our goal remains the same: to share with you all our latest learnings, trends, or more about life as a wolf. 🐾

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That's all for Q1 of 2023. 👏
Stay close for more exciting updates from us! 👀

Until the next one, you can keep up with the Pack's journey on our Social Media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and TikTok

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