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We’ve created some materials and a few guidelines to help you use the Wolfpack Digital brand & assets without having to discuss legal agreements or exchange mails on the visual identity usage for each use.

Wolfpack Digital in front of the Cluj Office

Wolfpack Digital is an award-winning agency based in Cluj-Napoca with over 60 developed apps across different industries — fintech, healthcare, IoT, transportation, sports, social, and many more. Global brands reached out to us to design, build, and launch their successful digital products: from idea and strategy to app launch.

In the past couple of years, the app development company was certified for its security management standards (ISO 27001), quality management standard (ISO 9001), and multiple awards such as Best UI Design, Best UX Design, and Best Innovation by CSS Design, Top 50 Developers Romania, and Clutch 1000 list, featured by Brainspotting, App Store and winners of Alpha Hub.


logo & assets

Download our logo and brand assets using the colors or format that suits you best for online or print materials. We just ask you to please not make any changes and if you need another format, just drop us a line.

Wolfpack Digital small logo white text
Wolfpack Digital big logo purple text
Wolfpack Digital big logo white text
Wolfpack Digital small logo purple text

wolfpack digital

brand guidelines

Use our brand guidelines] to see all the official graphic elements used by Wolfpack Digital along with all the information you need about our graphic elements and their usage (logo composition, logo construction, usage on backgrounds, clear space, alignment, logo misuses, symbols, etc) and the philosophy behind them.

working at the #wolfden

the team

We’ve put together a high-quality photo pack to download with our team & culture.

Wolfpack Digital androiod and ios apps
Wolfpack Digital developer in the office
Developers raising a flag with Wolfpack Digital logo
Wolfpack Digital App development team
Wolfpack Digital CEO Gina Lupu as a Mentor at Hackathon
Wolfpack Digital all team members

If you want to use any Wolfpack Digital visual in a way that we missed here, please feel free to contact us anytime at and include a visual mockup of the intended use, so we can help and confirm it as well.