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Nov 1 · 4 min read

IndustryLeaders TopLeaders mobiledevelopment webdevelopment technology appdevelopment Clutch

Same as in 2018, this year again we want to share with you the sweet taste of reaching #3 in the Top B2B...

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    Ira Melnic

    Marketing Specialist

How to web summit the starter kit by wolfpack digital

Oct 17 · 5 read

Guidelines innovation howto WebSummit technology techconference

We have a Starter Kit for you - actions you must go through so that your Web Summit 2019...

  • 48178729 2121432067878790 6368891034826440704 n

    Ira Melnic

    Marketing Specialist

Why to trust or not to trust bluetooth

Oct 9 · 4 min read

DataTransfer SmartDevices PersonalData Bluetooth CyberSecurity IoT InternetofThings

Mashable was being a drama queen by stating that Bluetooth is bad and we should stop using it....

  • Screenshot 2019 10 09 at 2.19.21 pm

    Vica Cotoarba

    iOS Developer at Wolfpack Digital

Iot mobile apps wolfpack digital

Jul 8 · 6 mins read

technology apps SportPerformance education greentech microlocalization fashiontech IoT InternetofThings

IoT (the Internet Of Things) is not just a buzzword anymore, and it’s not part of sci-fi movies...

  • Untitled design 4

    Georgina Lupu Florian


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Jun 15 · 5 min read

innovation techecosystem healthtech BBC SpaceX topspeakers Techsylvania fintech topstartups Entrepreneurship techconference

Our team took the best out of Techsylvanya, attending a 24h Hackathon, a 2-day technology &...

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    Ira Melnic

    Marketing Specialist

12 reasons to found a startup

May 31 · 6 minutes read

CEOexperience ownership web&mobile award-winningapps eMagazine mentoring founderskills businessdevelopment startup

Based on here experience, Gina Lupu, the CEO of Wolfpack Digital, reveals her personal motivators...


Sep 26 · 3 minutes read

mobiledevelopment insights inapppurchase freetodownloadapp googleplay appstoreoptimization ASO revenue mobileapp

ASO (app store optimization) is like SEO only instead of Google we focus on App Store. Here are...

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Nov 7 · 8 minutes read

topspeakers Reddit VC EuropevsSiliconValley Slack Booking gendergap appbusiness Highlights WebSummit Entrepreneurship techconference

All the way from Cluj to Lisabona, Wolfpack DIgital founders went to investigate on the business...


Oct 10 · 3 minutes read

mobileapp iosmarket AppleHomekit swift4 ApplePay coreML AR augmentedreality appdevelopment Trends

If AR (Augmented Reality) is already on every iOS developer's mind than the other 4 trends in the...

React native vs. native ios and native android final

Sep 4 · 5 minutes read

walmartapp bloombergapp airbnbapp facebookapp A/Btest maintenance startupfounders reactnative ios android pros&cons appdevelopment

This article is meant to give you an overview of React Native vs. Native iOS and Android...

Progressive web apps

Jul 25 · 5 minutes read

mobileapp realexamples mobilefirstapproach PWA webapp progressiveapp digitalproduct development

The majority of consumers download zero apps per month. What does it mean for app development...

The secret to create an mvp   wolfpack colors

Jul 12 · 6 minutes read

howto developmentagency cross-functionalteam usability 6stepsofbuilding MVP businessdevelopment marketfit appdevelopment

Viable is not enough. An MVP can be successful even though it is built on a high level. The right...

Artboard 1

Jun 6 · 5 min read

MVP marketfit development startup launch release apptesting codebase design UX/UI leanstartup

Clutch featured picture

Jul 19 · 2 minutes read

WolfpackDigital Manifest companyreview top15 top50 B2Bcompanies Romanianwebdevelopers topcompany webdevelopment Clutch

According to Clutch, Wolfpack Digital gained a top spot as a Romanian web developer and was...

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Feb 27 · 6 min read

fintech retail autotech medtech WebSummit2018 overview eCommerce topstartups machinelearning Entrepreneurship pharma AI

There is so much to love about Web Summit but Wolfpack Digital stuck to the startup world. Here...

  • Valentina biciuc marketing specialist at wolfpack digital

    Valentina Biciuc

    Marketing Specialist


Feb 21 · read

profit ROI in-apppurchases datamonetization sponsorship/partnership in-appadvertising freemium appmonetization Trends

Focus on these while reading: in-Apps Advertising - old but gold; Sponsors and Partnerships;...

  • Valentina biciuc marketing specialist at wolfpack digital

    Valentina Biciuc

    Marketing Specialist

Mindfulness medusa

Jan 18 · read

app mobile machinelearning development madeinRomania healthtach Medusaapp mindfulness meditation

Our startup division, Wolfpack Digital Labs, has built Medusa — a meditation app for the local...

  • Valentina biciuc marketing specialist at wolfpack digital

    Valentina Biciuc

    Marketing Specialist

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Feb 15 · 8 min read

meetup IT techconference stereotypes events community WomeninTech

IT is a man’s world, but IT wouldn’t be anything without a woman or a girl… James Brown would’ve...

  • Valentina biciuc marketing specialist at wolfpack digital

    Valentina Biciuc

    Marketing Specialist

10 highlights web summit

Feb 27 · read

startups WebSummit Entrepreneurship conference technology tech Trends

We have prepared 10 highlights that prove thatWeb Summit 2018is the ground zero for the tech...

  • Valentina biciuc marketing specialist at wolfpack digital

    Valentina Biciuc

    Marketing Specialist


Apr 19 · 3 min read

blogging socialmedia googleanalytics SEO career marketingspecialist jobopening topemployer digitalmarketing

Does working in a dynamic environment sounds like a piece of cake to you? Join the pack and let’s...