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6 awards in 3 months, and we’re not stopping here

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Mar 28, 2023 • 7 min

Within the last three months, our team of passionate designers and software developers has earned not one but six impressive awards that highlight our expertise, the quality of our services, and our ways of delivering value to our partners. 🥳

These accolades are an incredible achievement and a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality services to our partners, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our industry, and bringing performance and beauty to the world through technology.

This is our mission - our why - and along with our values, it guides how we craft delightful designs and custom software solutions; what risks and challenges we tackle; which new technologies we adopt and experiment with; how we collaborate with our partners, and whom we expand our team with.

In some aspects, these awards are the evidence that we’re living our why, and it shows  - our partners express it, the results reflect it, and the industry notices and recognises it. 🤩


Meet our shiny new trophies 🏆✨

At Wolfpack Digital, putting our partners at the centre of everything is second nature to us. So, naturally, we’re thrilled whenever we receive an accolade that highlights not only the results of our joint efforts but also their satisfaction with the way we make them happen.


A Golden Company 2022 in Software development (Firma de Aur) 🏅

The Golden Company - our latest award - is a project implemented in several European countries, and it’s a recognition which distinguishes companies that offer the highest quality of service based on their customer’s feedback.

It’s awarded to businesses with at least 85% positive online customer reviews collected from the major review portals combined with a vast amount of statistical data about the companies. Only about 10% of economic entities can fulfil the criteria of this award.



We’re delighted to receive this recognition, as continuous, frequent, mindful and constructive feedback is a cornerstone of our culture. 

From the very start, we made a conscious effort to create an environment where everyone feels free, safe and encouraged to share and receive feedback. This invitation extends to our partners too. It’s the foundation of our collaborations and a source of innovation at the same time. Through feedback, we better our understanding of the goals and needs, deepen our commitment, elevate the results and make our relationships and the co-creation process much more enjoyable. For us, this is a massive win in and of itself, whereas the fact that it also boiled down as social proof on Google, Glassdoor, Clutch, G2, and Facebook and brought us an award is just the cherry on top of the cake. 


Top Custom Software Development, Top Web Design, Top UX/UI Design Companies in Romania by TechBehemoths Awards 2022 ⭐️

TechBehemoths is a massive IT matchmaking platform that provides information and resources on various technology companies, products, and services. 

Their annual awards distinguish the top companies in different categories to honour the innovative and outstanding achievements of tech companies worldwide and ease the decision-making for those looking for a reputable, trustworthy and experienced service provider. 

At the end of December 2022, TechBehemoths recognised the best-performing IT vendors from 44 countries across 20 services. We were fortunate enough to be included in 3 of their top lists that each named 8 to 12 companies admired for their excellence, hard work and positive feedback.



We were featured among:


For each of these awards, TechBehemoths measured 12 key criteria such as client business profile strength and user engagement, reviews and community feedback, business portfolio and company achievements, website description and B2B communication ability, as well as operational power and service demand on the market (both globally and locally).

These three awards make us appreciate our partners, projects and talent in UX/UI design and software development even more, and we’re happy that the industry also finds them hard to overlook.


FindBestWebDevelopment’s Best Web Development Companies of 2022 🎖️

FindBestWebDevelopment is the world’s leading ranking platform for the web development industry. It’s where entrepreneurs and businesses with software projects and product ideas go to find a trusted technical development partner among the best software development companies out there.

So we were pretty pleased to find that we were included in two of their most beloved categories: People’s Choice 🙋 and Best Web Development of 2022 🧑‍💻 top list.



The People’s Choice award is a one-of-a-kind recognition that encourages online communities to acknowledge the accomplishments of web development companies that lead the way and demonstrate creative and cost-effective ways of software development, while the Best Web development of 2022 is an honour bestowed upon reliable software development companies that showed excellence in the rapidly changing web development industry and superior service with a focus on client project’s success.

These awards hold a special place in our hearts, but none of them is exclusively ours. They belong to our community and partners as much as they do to us.


So what’s the takeaway? 🧐


In our reading, these awards mean that:

  • Our focus on web and mobile app development, along with other services like UX/UI design, custom software development, and other digital solutions, has allowed us to stand out in the industry and ultimately become an award-winning web and mobile app development company.

  • Our commitment to delivering high-quality services and exceptional results is reflected in the satisfaction of our partners and the recognition we’ve received from the industry. When it comes to mobile and web app development, we consistently strive to meet and exceed high standards, making us a popular choice for startups and businesses seeking reliable and innovative software solutions.

  • We are living our why, bringing performance & beauty to the world through our technical expertise, innovative digital solutions, and consulting services. 


Making room among other trophies 🏆

Our new awards joined our shelf of trophies populated by numerous other fresh accolades, such as:

  • Best Company to Work With by GoodFirms 💫 acknowledging the best in class agencies for their experience, talent, and versatile skills.

  • Finest 500 Mobile App Developers by 🔥 accorded to software development companies that have made a mark for themselves in the industry with their budget-friendly approach to software development, a rich portfolio of projects and experienced app developers across the globe.

  • Agency of the Month by Top Digital Agencies ⚡️ a spotlight cast on a different high-performing IT vendor each month.

  • Top 1000 Global Service Providers in 2022 by Clutch 🎉 a list that represents only the top 1% of companies on the platform based on key criteria such as strong brand awareness and industry recognition; the number, quality, and recency of verified reviews; their selection of clientele and portfolio of work, and last but not least, a robust company profile with competitive specialisations and considerable experience.


Looking for a top custom software development company? 🔎

We are an award-winning design and software development company based in the heart of Transylvania, creating powerful web and mobile apps in partnership with impactful businesses from various industries like fintech, beauty, health tech, transportation, sports and more.

Our team of experts in strategy consulting, UX/UI design, project management, custom mobile and web development, and quality assurance amassed a wealth of in-depth knowledge and vast experience tackling complex projects, implementing innovative solutions and handling full-cycle software development.


See what our partners have to say about their experience with us 🎙️ :


Their management and communication are impressive, as well as their maturity in technical decision-making. [...] Wolfpack Digital has an impressive project management and communication process with a team that is easy to talk to. They’re predictably comforting and deliver the right thing when they say they would.

Radu Gatej - CTO, Brain Capture

Project: Mobile app developed according to IEC62304 for a MedTech startup     |     Services provided: Project Management, UI/UX Design, Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development

Full review: → here


“Wolfpack Digital’s projects have been successful — they deliver high-quality work on time and within expectations. They are agile, professional, and flexible; their developers are communicative and accommodating. A true partner they have a positive and committed attitude.”

Product Manager, IT Solutions Company

Project: Web and Mobile app for an IT solutions company     |     Services provided: Project Management, Mobile & Web App Development

Full review: here



“Their excellent project management and communication skills allowed them to exceed expectations. They were praised for setting a high bar for themselves, being realistic, and aiming for perfection.”

Andy Marsh, Founder, Martian Lab

Project: Custom iOS development for a Marketing & Tech company     |     Services provided: Project Management, Mobile App Development  

Full review: → here


So, if you’re looking for a talented mobile or web development partner to morph your idea into a successful product, reach out and tell us about your project at 👉 We enjoy a good challenge and would love to help you build the next big thing in tech! 🚀

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