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skin analysis app

Boots' No7 Pro Derm Scan
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skin analysis app

Boots' No7 Pro Derm Scan
The IoT app that helps users get dermatologist-grade advice by analyzing skin and skin tone.
iOS app
Beauty Tech
Walgreens Boots Alliance No7 Pro Derm Scan is a skin scanning iOS app that incorporates the latest IoT technology and offers tailored skincare product recommendations based on the results of its advanced analysis.
2021 - 2022

developingBoots' No7 Pro Derm Scan


the challenge

Each person is unique, as is their skin. Finding the perfect skincare products often requires trial and error, wasting time, money, and energy. Most often, buying habits are determined by simple observation and intuition, which doesn’t take into account minute details about the skin that are invisible without specialized dermatological devices.

the solution

The No7 Pro Derm Scan app and its accompanying device are used in Boots cosmetics stores by staff to help customers find the right products for their needs. The skin analysis considers factors like skin tone, pores, hydration level, wrinkles, and skin type to ensure people get the best recommendations backed by scientifically validated technology.

the result


core tech


app development services

our contribution
  • Complete UX/UI design;
  • iOS app development;
  • Project management;
  • Quality Assurance.


  • IoT component that connects the app with smart devices;
  • Different kinds of consultations based on user preferences;
  • Skin analysis with a dermatologist-grade device, covering 20 million skin areas with every scan;
  • Questionnaires used to determine user profiles;
  • Personalized beauty product recommendations.

tools & technologies

  • firebase
  • Google Analytics

life after app launch

success story

The app has been launched in over 400 Boots stores.



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