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Q2/2022 Wrap-up: The Pack Springs into Action

Marketing Specialist
Jul 28, 2022 • 4 min

Q2 of 2022 started with April Fool’s Day, and we had a bit of fun with it. 😅 We organized a Pajamas Day at the office, and we all came wearing pajamas or home clothes (remember that old t-shirt you know you should throw away, but the emotional attachment is too strong? 🥺 ).

We couldn’t have fun all by ourselves without sharing the joy with our community, so we decided to temporarily change our brand name from Wolfpack Digital to Wolfpacka Digital. To ensure its credibility, our design team created this beautiful “new” logo. 🥰
This made us seriously consider making the change permanent!

Celebrating Easter together 🐰

Easter is always a happy time at Wolfpack Digital. This year, our traditional Easter Egg Hunt had a little twist and became an Easter Treasure Hunt 🎯 (we kept the egg theme, don't worry). The wolves met at the office, split into groups, and then went treasure hunting around our office and the city center. 👣 They had quite a few challenges, and the team that got back first with every challenge completed was crowned the winner! 🏆🥳

Fun fact: the winning team had named themselves "The Winning Team" before the treasure hunt began. 😜

We’d definitely missed spending time face-to-face, socializing, and having quality moments together. 😌

With Covid-19 restrictions dropping and the perfect weather outside, a new grill appeared in our backyard; that’s all we needed to transform May into a Month-Long BBQ Party. 🍗

Now, let's get into what we do as a Pack, meaning our continued mission to develop Powerful Web & Mobile Apps Start-To-End. 

We have worked on some amazing projects in the  previous quarter, some of them being 🤩: 

  • Scible is a web app that enables people to quickly and easily find relevant academic articles, generate citations or even whole reference lists, follow experts to stay up to date with their research, and grow their own follower base.
  • No7 Pro Derm Scan is a skin scanning iOS app that incorporates the latest IoT technology and offers tailored skincare product recommendations based on the results of its advanced analysis.
  • Auto Insurance App is a cloud-based web application that digitizes the workflow between drivers, the client's agents, and the insurance companies using a fast and seamless UI/UX and flow.

Work from the office - but make it Irish 🍀

Remember that in Q1 we officially opened our Dublin branch? We couldn't pass this moment without inaugurating the office properly. 🇮🇪

David, our Marketing Manager, and Gabriel, our Business Development Manager, were up for the occasion and took a 1-week trip to Dublin. They mixed business with pleasure: some good tech conferences, meeting new people and enjoying the attraction points of Dublin. From what they said, it was the perfect mix and match.

A School Trip like never before 🧒🎒

An important part of growing up and being an adult is to never forget about your inner child. 
To relive our childhood days, we organized a "School Trip" for the whole Pack to Valea Ierii, a small but breathtaking village in Apuseni Mountains. 

To create a special atmosphere in which every wolf could connect more with his inner baby wolf 🐺, we went on a little hike, played some games, and finished the day strong with a campfire 🔥🪵 surrounded by guitar notes. 

Community 🌟

With our batteries fully charged 🔋, we returned to our Den, ready to participate in some exciting events: conferences, hackathons, or even small gatherings where we can share moments and experiences. 

Our community is important to us, and getting invited to an event is always heart-warming! 💛

Q2 of 2022 was full of them:

  • SustainCityHack - Gina, our CEO, was a mentor in the hackathon;
  • CS-InoHUB - Gina & Cristi, our Head of UX/UI, were mentors in the program for students;
  • Career Days - Oana, Diana & Victor held a presentation about Wolfpack Digital at the event organized by the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca;
  • Boost Day Innovation Labs - Adi, our CTO, participated as a mentor;
  • JumpStart - Cristi held a course for the students and, along with Gina, were mentors;
  • JS.Heroes - Alexandra, Roxana & Florin participated at this tech conference for front-end enthusiasts;
  • DevTalks - Gina participated as a speaker in a panel called “Artist at soul & Entrepreneurial mind”;
  • Inspiring Stories: Women Leadership in Companies & Startups - Gina was a speaker;
  • Techsylvania 2022 - One of the biggest tech events in Romania and very close to our hearts. We prepared our booth, fun activities, and wolfy merch for the participants to take home as we partnered with this event for the 5th time in a row. 

Accolades ✍️

Our involvement in the community goes beyond tech events, conferences, and so on. For us, it also means sharing our experiences, stories, or achieving milestones. 

The past quarter started with a special one that went straight to our hearts 💖:

  • Gina, our CEO, was interviewed by Finnovating, and you can read about it here;
  • Mobile App Daily mentioned Gina in their 40 under 40 report as one of the most dynamic and influential leaders in the world of technology and app development;
  • Scible, one of our most recently developed web app, won Best UX, Best UI, and Best Innovation at CSS Design Awards.

A quarter that started so well had to end well. 

At the end of June, we discovered that Wolfpack Digital is a Semifinalist in the Made in Romania program, organized by Bucharest Stock Exchange / Bursa de Valori Bucuresti (BVB). 

A big thank you for the nomination, a gratitude moment for every hard-working wolf, and congrats to the other 49 Romanian companies that were nominees. 👏

We like saying that every wolf in the Pack is unique and has many talents, which turned out to be true, seeing the well-written and insightful articles we published during Q2:

A sunny & bright future ☀️

The first half of 2022 was busy but also fulfilling for us, as you could see. We plan on making the rest of the year even more productive & fun, and we hope you'll do the same. 🙌

In the meantime, stay up to date with our adventures on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok

Until the next wrap-up ❤️,
The Wolfpack Digital team

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