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The Month-Long BBQ Party

May 24, 2022 β€’ 3 min

The Wolves love a good grill πŸ₯© once in a while, even the vegetarian ones (hello, Mr. Halloumi!). With the beautiful summer … oops, spring… weather in Cluj β˜€οΈ, we took the opportunity to meet up at the office in smaller teams several times during the past weeks.

May is officially the month of “mici” - a Romanian national dish consisting of some grilled minced meat rolls (made out of beef, pork, or both). What started off as a one-off for one of the teams quickly ignited πŸ”₯ (pun intended) a series of BBQs in our backyard, replicating the first event’s success and, of course, making us level up every time. You can see for yourselves below.

We would like to thank our very talented chefs πŸ§‘‍🍳 for their diligence and passion while preparing the BBQ and cooking, and the wolves for making sure we would not waste anything: the plates got easily cleared 🍽. This, of course, is in line with our green initiative, Wolfpack Loves Nature, which was built on our passion for sustainability. Speaking of which, recently we did some gardening in our office yard. πŸŒ±


Since we met on several days - it felt like almost every week was BBQ week at Wolfpack Digital in May -, things got a bit out of hand (we won’t mention the gin), and, for example, one of the teams lit up a campfire! 😱

As civilized wolves, we do not fear fire, but we respect and embrace the inspiration it brings and the sense of togetherness sitting around it creates. βœ¨ Returning to the roots, spending time in nature, and cooking & eating together are some of the best ways to connect and have a great time. By replenishing our energy resources, mentally, physically, and emotionally, and by spending time together outside of work, we become more balanced, inspired, and connected. And this helps our productivity, brings out more creative ideas, and contributes to enjoying the experience even more when working together.

Plus, as this unexpected series of grill nights has shown us:

🐺 When the team is fun, magic happens by itself! πŸͺ„

Now we will give the BBQ a rest… Until next time! πŸ‘‹

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