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Revolutionizing access to academic research for the scientific community
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Scible is a web app that enables people to quickly and easily find relevant academic articles, generate citations or even whole reference lists, follow experts to stay up to date with their research, and grow their own follower base.
Location:London, UK
2020 - 2022



the challenge

Gaining access to scientific research can be cumbersome, both in terms of cost and the limitations of existing solutions. Individual researchers and universities spend considerable sums on accessing data, leaving fewer funds for furthering their research. 

Furthermore, it can be difficult for researchers to find field experts and discuss findings or exchange opinions, leading to further challenges in making discoveries.

the solution

We’ve built Scible as an independent research platform that focuses on helping the scientific community first and foremost. The simple and beautiful user interface ensures that scientists can easily find academic materials on the topics that interest them, generate citations and connect with other researchers.

The web app’s community features include the ability to follow other researchers on their academic journey, comment, and discuss their publications. Likewise, users can keep their peers up to date on their latest work as well. These documents and journals can be gathered into Readlists that can be easily checked and referenced in future materials. 

Besides easily finding relevant research, users can read documents directly on the platform or download PDFs, so they always have access to the data they need. Furthermore, scientists can build on existing knowledge with the platform’s One-Click Bibliography functionality, allowing them to cite articles on the platform effortlessly.

the result


core tech

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app development services

our contribution
  • Building an interactive prototype;
  • Full UX/UI Design;
  • Web platform development;
  • Mobile optimization for all pages;
  • Quality Assurance;
  • Project Management.


  • User dashboard;
  • Custom Readlist creation;
  • One-click bibliographies & references;
  • Follow function for researchers and Readlists;
  • Easy access to academic articles in the app or via PDF download.

tools & technologies

  • Azure
  • Circle CI


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