Wolfpack Digital: Q3/2020 wrap-up. A summer to remember

Oct 15 2020
3 min
Chief Marketing Officer

The moon keeps changing quarters, and so do we! 
Yes, it is the time for our quarterly howling wrap-up: 2020 has been a challenge for everyone, and at Wolfpack Digital we've been extremely grateful to have a healthy and constant growth pace even during a pandemic! 

Here’s a recap of our third quarter of 2020 πŸ‘‡

announcements and milestones

The entire pack is over the moon to announce that this summer we earned 3 awards, 1 certification, 28 active projects, and an amazing 40 under 40 feature of Gina Lupu, the founder & CEO of Wolfpack Digital:

trendsetters and mentors

  • StartITup invited Gina Lupu to be part of the mentoring team πŸ‘©‍🏫
  • How to Web Startup Spotlight invited Corina Stirbu to be part of the mentoring team for the 40 selected startups πŸ”¦
  • Innovation Labs was part of our quarterly journey once again both as Silver Partners and as part of the mentoring & jurying with Gina Lupu and Corina Stirbu πŸš€
  • We love nature, as you know by now (we even have a site for this called Wolfpack Loves Nature) and we also supported Clujul Verde as a sponsor and continued our green initiative actions πŸŒ³
  • We supported Help Autism this quarter once againπŸŽ—
  • Techsylvania was hosted in the virtual world this year, but we are partners for good no matter what! So we joined the event as Bronze Partner for 3rd year in a row and it went great!
  • We organized a hybrid satellite event: Fintech & Ruby on Rails for all the startupers and Ruby on Rails enthusiasts to get together for an outdoor networking event to discuss the Reactive components: Vue vs. Rails and the perks of using Ruby on Rails to build digital solutions.
    Our special guest, Edgar de Picciotto, Co-founder of Ikigai – a London-based startup revolutionizing the banking and investment services, virtually joined us to share his journey of building a Fintech application and answered all the questions from our broadcasting viewers and people joining us offline.

Wolfpack Digital is taking all the measures to keep the entire team and all partners safe in the pandemic and most of our work was remote, people joining us in the office were under careful monitoring and ensuring proper distancing, masks, sanitizers, and everything needed to be in a safe environment.

learning resources

πŸ’Ž  What is Ruby on Rails and why you should use it for your Web App Development?
🐺  Wolfpack Digital Reflects on Success. Past and Future
πŸ“Š  What is Personal Data and how it became the new currency for personalized User Experience(s)?
πŸ“²  What is an app clip and how to use it?
πŸ“±  Must-have features for a food delivery app during COVID-19
🧐  World Suicide Prevention Day. How can an app make suicides preventable?
πŸ”  Why Cybersecurity Has Never Been More Important for your App?
πŸ”’  Developing secure web apps with Ruby on Rails

culture & events

Part of the pack is back at the office, and we keep doing weekly sessions of Yoga, knowledge sharing through our Wolf Gatherings, Yellow Tuesdays (when we wear yellow πŸŒ•πŸΊ), Random 1:1 coffees within our team, Standups in a coffee shop, Game of Wolves, and regular team building activities.

The highlights of the past quarter are:

πŸ™Œ  We hosted a  l e g e n d a r y Wolfest in our back yard!
🧐 You give us a challenge, we definitely take it! And because most of the wolves were remote we organized Virtual Escape Rooms for people to have fun and enjoy some fun team challenges virtually!
πŸΏπŸ“Ί  We also had an OutDoor Cinema in our famous backyard
πŸ’Ž The Ruby on Rails internship had over 130 interested applicants, 5 selected people, and 3 of them were hired and joined our pack; πŸŽ“
πŸš€  Lots of training sessions and workshops were delivered across our entire team to improve our skills
πŸ“  And our Table Tennis Tournament was a success and after multiple matches, we had 2 champions: Dan Ilies, the Head of Mobile Development and Corina Stirbu, the Chief Marketing Officer of Wolfpack Digital.



And that’s a wrap! The Wolfpack Digital team goes back to what we ace — building powerful web and mobile apps for brands all around the world.

Have a safe Q4! 
The Wolves 🐺

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