Why Cybersecurity Has Never Been More Important for your App?

Oct 5 2020
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Chief Marketing Officer

We live in a data-driven world where everything (or most of what) we do or say in the digital world is tracked. So, how to approach cybersecurity and privacy for your app and your customer?

What is CyberSecurity and how we cover it as a top app development company?

Cybersecurity is the collection of measures to protect all your information and all your devices from unwanted or unauthorized access, change, or deletion.

For us, at Wolfpack Digital, our partners’ and customers’ security is a top priority, especially because we cover sensitive industries (e.g., fintech, health tech) in terms of web and mobile app development.

To ensure the highest quality and secured apps we implemented a set of procedures and processes for security management according to the ISO 27001 certification.

We do this because our customers' success is our business card, and one mistake in an app we develop can lead to cyber-attacks, loss of information, or malicious usage of users' data. And we do our best to overcome unexpected situations and ensure none of the businesses working with us won’t lose their business advantage due to such a risk.

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The Importance of Cyber Security for Businesses

As a business, you HAVE to take care of both your company data and your customers' data. This is very similar to the basics like locking your door or car: securing access to certain information is a necessity and an integral part of every organization. Otherwise, a security breach can lead your business to customer loss, damage to the companies you work with, reputation damage, PR crisis, brand management challenges, higher lead & customer acquisition costs and efforts, and, of course, financial problems.

Type of business information at risk:

  • employees' information (salaries, names, addresses, IDs, e-mails, roles, etc)
  • Databases (be it with customers, users of your customers, partners, etc)
  • business and financial details (budgets, business plans, resource allocations, competitive assets)
  • product details (patents, designs, manufacturing processes, development processes, etc)

Cybersecurity measures for businesses

There are many actions to take in order to ensure the lowest risk of a data breach of your business, and of course, every organization is different and needs custom measures, but here is a simple guide to decrease cyber-attacks:

  • Plan

Make a list of all your important assets and the risks of having them leaked - be it legally or business-wise; and see how could you keep your business successful after a potential attack.

  • Implement

Knowing your most important assets and valuable data, you can easily create a list of security measures: implement VPNs for people who work from home and you can ensure a secured connection, firewalls, encrypted connections, incident response plan, data leak & ransomware protection, strong passwords, 2 step authentication across all tools and accounts you use within the company, and a strong spam filter. 


These are just the basics, but covering them is a huge step in having a secured business. If you have a mobile app or a web app, there are multiple other measures to take in terms of servers, codebase, repositories, and so on, but we will keep this article simple for now.

  • Review & Repeat

Test all the taken measures constantly, review them constantly to ensure you are up to date, and if you have new types of data you might look for new types of measures as well.


This would be it for now, but since October is the Cyber Security Awareness month, we will continue this month with a couple of new to promote digital security for web and mobile apps.


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