Techsylvania and Wolfpack Digital - Partners for good

Oct 14 2020
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Marketing Specialist

Wolfpack Digital and Techsylvania - a partnership bond between two Romanian brands aiming to bring innovation through technology, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. A movement that defines the day of Tomorrow. For 3 years in a row, we chose to support Techsylvania - the Romanian tech conference in the heart of Transylvania, bringing global speakers on one stage.

This year we were the Bronze Sponsor for Techsylvania 2020, the leading tech event in Eastern Europe that embraced the pandemic constraints and provided a fully digital experience for its attendees on September 22-23.
Techsylvania 2020 will remain in history for being fully virtual in premiere, for its 60+ global speakers, and the 4000+ attendees from different corners of the world. 

As the name of this edition suggested, it was an experience Beyond the Borders in all its meaning. People passionate about technology got together to virtually celebrate tech innovation from their homes. Our full admiration goes to the Techsylvania organizers, Vlad, and the team, for keeping the tradition alive when many similar events had to cancel. Also, our deepest gratitude goes to the Techsylvania Chairman and Host, Philipp Kandal, for the warm words addressed to Wolfpack Digital when mentioning this year's partners. 

The 2 days were filled with virtual networking sessions, workshops, globally renowned speakers, virtual booths, and some insightful panel discussions. We had titans from the beauty industry like Michael W. Smith (CIO of Estee Lauder Companies) sharing how the beauty industry is evolving and how beauty-targeted technology will shape the user experience in the future. 

Then, Tony Fadell, also known as the father of the iPod unleashed the tips of building successful products. ‘Build simple products that solve real pain points and remove all the friction points that consume users' emotional energy.’ Rogered that, Tony! 

The virtual stage also welcomed Daniel Dines, UiPath CEO, who grew an RPA unicorn, and the serial entrepreneur and the owner of Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban.

Fintech and Ruby on Rails Meetup

As a Bronze Sponsor, we had the privilege of organizing a hybrid Satellite Event that addressed the Fintech and Ruby on Rails topics. Our Ruby on Rails developers, Florin Ionce (Head of Web Development) and Victor Motogna (web and mobile developer), covered the Reactive Components - Vue vs. Rails.

Edgar de Picciotto, the co-founder of Ikigai, joined us online from London to share his journey of building a Fintech solution. In a dialog with Gina Lupu, our CEO and the moderator of the meetup, he explained ways in which Ikigai is revolutionising the banking and investment services and how it all started. 

Startup Avalanche

There’s no Techsylvania edition without Startup Avalanche which is a pitching competition that got 250 applications from more than 40 countries, out of which only 11 startups made it to the final. After a series of strong pitching sessions moderated by Sergiu Biriศ™, the €150,000 investment was received by Agunity, an Australian startup that connects remote smallholder farmers with basic services.

In the end, we are proud to be part of Cluj’s tech community which demonstrated during the pandemic its ability to adapt and evolve. We wish all Techsylvanians lots of inspiration and never hesitate to get in touch with the coding wolves.
See you next year (no matter what)! 


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