Wolfpack Digital Q2/2020 Wrap-up: a promising mid-year mark

Jul 6 2020
3 min
Valentina Biciuc
Marketing Specialist

As we hit the halfway through this year, it’s a convenient moment to stop for a second and reflect on what the heck happened and how we survived the past 3 months. Despite the pandemic and all the economic uncertainties, Wolfpack Digital keeps its constant growth pace. Overall, it’s been an interesting journey of discovery and adaptation. Here’s the brief recap of quarter two!

announcements and milestones

As you might already know, our team moved to a new central office, and we completely love the vibe of this workspace. 

▪️ The new Wolfpack Digital website got awarded by CSS Awards for UI, UX, and Innovation

▪️ The Manifest recognized Wolfpack Digital as a top web development company from Romania by placing us 1st (out of 60). 

▪️ Congrats to the Anyline team from Vienna and Boston for becoming the Product of the Week on Product Hunt with their Anyline Keyword Solutions. Keep up the great work! 👏

trendsetters and mentors

Wolfpack Digital is fully prepared to keep its employees, clients, and partners safe in the pandemic. Our team of app designers even put their talent to good use and designed reusable face masks to pollute nature less.

learning resources

🍏 Top Announcements from Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2020

📱 Should you use SwiftUI to build your next iOS app?

💳 10 reasons why it’s a great time for FinTech

🎨 Designing Beauty Apps in 2020

⌚️ Apple watch development — on building apps for smartwatch users

🦠 The impact of Coronavirus on the Fintech Trends in 2020

🧮 Dear Story Points article on estimating features that got featured on Medium and by Serious Scrum.

culture & events

Part of our team is back at the office, and we keep doing weekly sessions of Yoga, knowledge sharing (Mango Moments), Yellow Tuesdays (when we wear yellow 🌕🐺), Random 1:1 coffees within our team, Game of Wolves, and regular team building activities.

The highlights of the past quarter are:

  • Ruby on Rails internship launch with over 130 interested applicants; 🎓
  • the BBQ party at one of our Scrum Masters’ house;
  • MTV Cribs Wolves’ Edition; 📺
  • Online Pizza Baking; 🍕
  • Knowledge Competitions;
  • Baby Wolves on the International Children’s Day;
  • Courses to improve our communication and project management skills;
  • Getty Museum Challenge; 🖼
  • Travelling Wolf Challenge — showing off our fridge magnets; 🐺✈️
  • One of our colleagues adopted a ginger kitten called Simba, which automatically makes him our office pet. 🦁

And that’s a wrap! The Wolfpack Digital team goes back to what we can do best — building powerful web and mobile apps for global brands. 

Have a magnificent and less bumpy Q3! 

Wolves 🐺

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