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Chief Marketing Officer
Apr 22, 2020 • 2 min

We are proud to announce that our website design was awarded by CSS Design for Best UI Design, Best UX Design, and Best Innovation!

When a customer contacts us, we always have a product-oriented and customer-centric approach! No matter the industry, we always strive to provide the best experience for the users within a digital product. And what a better way to prove what we preach, if not by applying what we know best on our own website!  

When our creative team decided to re-design the Wolfpack Digital site they analyzed and brainstormed all the needed components in terms of design, marketing, and content strategy and revised them to ensure that all together fit our audience and our expectations! 

The goal was to clearly outline what we do, who we help, which industries we focus on, how we build apps, products we developed, and testimonials — all these by using a clean website UI, UX, and an innovative approach to engage the visitors.

Here's what we've done to achieve our goal and to create an award-winning website for Wolfpack Digital

  • A clean and sticky navigation bar to ensure friendly and fast navigation around the page for each visitor
  • An incredibly product-focused project presentation page packed with interactive app prototypes, wireframes, brand guidelines, and high-resolution images & videos
  • Subtle scroll effects 
  • Large fonts and animations to keep a smooth and eye-catching user experience
  • A simple and dynamic visualization of our services, technology stack, tools, and work process. This helped our customers read more about the complexity of a development process and what it takes, as opposed to static sections filled with a lot of text that is hard to understand
  • All the information you need to know is literally a single click away! No need to go through a haystack of menu options, tags or filters to find everything you need to know about our team, tools and technologies we use to develop digital products, how we build apps, reviews, and testimonials of Wolfpack Digital, services we offer to create web and mobile apps, success stories, and everything in between.

With that being said, our designers created a killer award-winning website that we are proud of and we cannot thank them enough! 
If you are also looking to build an award-winning web or mobile product, just drop us a line in the chat!
We'd love to work together!

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