Q1/2021 wrap-up: A new hope 

Apr 12 2021
4 min
Chief Marketing Officer

2021 felt like a new hope all over the world: there was a boost in terms of innovation and applied technology, all types of businesses digitalized their work and processes and the pandemic is, hopefully, coming to an end now that there are multiple vaccines available and people started to get their shots. 

As you already know by now, every quarter we try to recap our experiences as a team and display our work and achievements — especially as communication and ownership are at the core of the Wolfpack Digital values. 

Q1 is always a bit quiet— everyone starts slow, people still think about their winter holiday and everyone is working on their yearly planning. 
But for us, well, we started with a party. A virtual party, of course. 

Wolfpack Digital: 6th anniversary 

In 2020 we managed to go with the entire team to Rome and celebrate the 5 years anniversary of Wolfpack Digital, little did we know back then what was ahead of us and that we might actually offer the last trip in a long while for a lot of people. We had a lot of fun, enjoyed Rome a lot, and celebrated every team member for their help in shaping our company.

This year we had to celebrate online: but we sent party kits to every single coworker — you know, glasses, cake, props, sparkling drinks, and everything in between, Just like a normal party! Everyone enjoyed it and we stayed up quite a few hours playing all sorts of games together.

To make things even better,  Gina Lupu, our CEO, also wrote an amazing letter to everyone and reminded us that what we do is about the journey, not the destination, and how company culture shapes the way we work. Here's a small snippet from the CEO letter 👇

February started with a lot more activity!

  • Corina Stirbu, our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) became a mentor in one of the How to Web programs dedicated to startup founders. The program aims to be alongside founders for an entire year and support them in terms of business positioning, market fit, go-to-market, launching, scalability, and growth from any perspective. Having someone from our team part go the program as a one-year mentor is amazing news and we are happy that we can help not only our partners but also founders from Eastern Europe with mentorship. 
  • As mentioned at the beginning of this post, digitalization was the hot topic this year, and while it was our main job to do this on a daily basis, this year we also helped Code for Romania grow. Code for Romania is an NGO that aims to digitize the key fields of interest for Romanian citizens: Education, Health, Environment, Vulnerable Groups, Participation and provide the tools for free to everyone. They've already built over 20 apps to help people across different fields, from observing elections and providing real-time data within their web and mobile apps to showcasing Covid19 data by clustering all the data provided by Romanian institutions into one friendly UX and platform.
    This year we jumped in sponsors to their amazing work and we hope to see their work in the hands of all citizens and institutions across Romania. 
  • And, in between these very serious activities, we also had a couple of Wolf Gathering where our team members share their knowledge on a certain topic: running and athletism, playing volleyball, photography, and much more. And we also had a few team events: most of them online, but small teams managed to meet in our backyard and have a distanced bbq together. 

And by the time spring arrived, our agenda was completely full 👇

  • We were sponsors and mentors at Innovation Labs — a national hackathon and accelerator that aims to help students build their businesses. It all starts with the 30-hours Hackathons and 1-minute pitch. We are more than happy we've witnessed how everyone hacked through the night and discuss and improved their product based on feedback from mentors.


  • While Wolfpack Digital provides well-rounded solutions and a quality framework for core product development, migrations to newer technologies, digital transformation, and support for innovation management to all the healthcare partners we have, mental health plays a huge role in our organization’s mission. 
    We are aware that people with mental illness challenges struggle with both their symptoms and the stereotypes and stigma surrounding the mental health misconception, and our goal is to support initiatives that will reduce the impact of stigma on people with mental illness, but also provide the digital tools that will ease the process.

    Every year we set goals to make mental health treatment more accessible through mobile apps and strive to integrate people who are stigmatized through our digital products and support within the health community - be it within hackathons, mentorship, or anything else we can do to combat stigma, to educate and to provide easier access to mental health solutions through digitalization.

    So this year we were the unique partners of the E-mental health hackathon organized by HIVE and the Cluj School of Public Health, Babes-Bolyai University. Georgina Lupu, our CEO and Corina Stirbu were also mentors for all the hackathon participants and helped them shape their ideas into business plans and go-to-market strategies!

a person holding a certificate and posing for the camera

  • Additionally, as we do every year, we kept our sponsorship and support for Help Autism as well. 
  • It was also the month we celebrated the women in our company — we actually do it every single month, to be honest — so we organized a small virtual event and some goodies were sent to every single lady in our team. And we also supported all the costs for the women we had in the team and wanted to participate at Crosul Divelor (Divas’ Marathon).
  • Right before the end of March, we participated in two amazing events:
  • ClujStartups Pre-accelerator with a talk by Gina Lupu regarding Lean Product Development. The panel covered the process to build startups, scaleups, and enterprises' products, with a strong focus on product strategy and development, especially in the transportation, finance, health, IoT, and beauty sectors.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "Startup House Startup House Meetups Lean Product Development 30 March 06:00 PM zoom Hosted by CLUJ STARTUPS Special Guest Gina Lupu CEO Wolfpack Digital Wolfpack Digital"

  • Wolves Summit — a great event with an even greater name (yes, we are a bit jealous) where we attended amazing panels, met disruptive startups, and enjoyed a fun online event! 

May be an image of text that says "Wolfpack is attending Digital 24-26 March 2021 Wolves Summit #collaboratetoinnovate hybrid"

And, we closed the first quarter with an all-hands meeting.

On top of all the events and activities we've had, we are more than happy to see that Ikigai, one of our partners, has been featured in Tech Crunch and Fintech Futures for their innovative approach to digital banking and wealth management. — Congratulations, Maurizio, Edgar, and the entire team working on this app and for providing a modern digital-first banking experience and the kind of premium banking services typically offered by legacy banks to their more affluent customers. You rock 🤟

"Targeting future and present high-net-worth individuals, Ikigai is iOS-only for now and consists of a current account and savings account, with adjacent wealth management features, all combined in a single app and card" - source Tech Crunch

What a quarter! 

Stay safe and we hope that our next quarterly post will be about team meet-ups in person, offline events, digitalized products we’ve worked on in the past months to help people around the world with just a couple of clicks, and even more news about the NGOs and causes we support every month.

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