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Ikigai app - revolutionizing the banking and investment services

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Ikigai beautifully combines wealth management and everyday banking in one single app. The Japanese word stands for a reason for being, meaning, purpose in life. The concept is inspired by kakeibo - the Japanese century-old money management way. Ikigai was built specifically for those who want to bring their lifestyle to the next level by taking better care of their finances. It provides full control of personal finances intuitively and straightforwardly while being backed up by academic insights, tech expertise, and algorithms, market research, and proven experience of money management.


the challenge

Our mission at Wolfpack Digital was to help the Ikigai team redesign banking from roots by creating a banking app with an effortless experience for the end-user with live notifications, smart categories, no commission money transfers, and easy card control. Our design team was responsible for creating a smooth wealth management experience in terms of UI/UX design.  The mobile and web developers built a strong app architecture and ensured the app's privacy & security and its scaling potential.

the solution

The digital private bank combines banking, saving, and investing in a single premium mobile app. Ikigai provides its users with an Ikigai bank account, an elegant debit card, budgeting, and investing solution. While users get their investment portfolios automated each month, they get to focus on what matters the most, upgrade their lifestyle in harmony and peace with little effort on wealth management and investment.

the result


app development services

our contribution
  • UX/UI design;
  • iOS app development;
  • Web app development;
  • Project Management;
  • Quality Assurance.


  • Customized budgeting;
  • Money transfer and local/international payments;
  • Card transactions;
  • Recurring payments and fund withdrawals;
  • Investor profiling;
  • Investing with custom investment goals;
  • Matching investment portfolios to investor profile;
  • Bank and tax statements;
  • Biometric verification for easy login and action confirmations;
  • Easy invite for new members by sharing codes;
  • Third and fourth party integrations (e.g., TruNarrative, Railsbank, TPS, Mailchimp, Helpcrunch, etc.);
  • Customer Management Portal with user monitoring, user management features, compliance, and risk assessment.

tools & technologies

ruby on rails
Apple Xcode
Google Analytics
Swift 5.0
AWS CloudFormation
Google Tag Manager
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