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Q2/2023 Wrap-up: Our Journey Through Growth, Innovation and Community

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Jul 18, 2023 β€’ 6 min

It's hard to believe we're already halfway through the year, but time flies when you're a busy bee!  πŸ

Q2 brought a lot of excitement, growth, and new experiences. From the blossoming of spring to the warm embrace of summer, let's dive right in and explore the moments that have shaped this extraordinary quarter.

Each month in Q2 had its own distinctive theme: April ignited our creative sparks and unleashed a surge of innovative ideas. May bloomed with collaborative energy, fostering new partnerships and connections that have strengthened our foundation. And in June, we celebrated unity and diversity, cherishing the power of togetherness that drives us forward.

Powerful web & mobile apps start-to-end 🎯 

At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to bring performance and beauty to the world through technology. 
We're on a relentless pursuit to create remarkable experiences for our partners through the powerful web & mobile apps we develop.

Over the years, we have successfully delivered over 100 diverse projects, showcasing our expertise in crafting web apps and mobile applications.

We have some exciting new projects in the works, but for now, they're still under wraps 🀭. In the meantime, let's turn our attention to the latest residents of our projects page:

Equality AI - Equality AI brings modern technology methods by developing an AI that reduces the risk of biased outcomes in order to solve healthcare's most challenging problems.

Citizen Mint - Citizen Mint offers access to assets that solve our planet's biggest challenges by providing a platform for various impactful investment opportunities.

Banqup - Banqup helps SMEs, freelancers, and self-employed people digitally connect to their accounting processes anywhere and anytime and simplifies the process of creating, sending and monitoring business invoices.

Easterin' together 🐣

We come together as a close-knit pack to celebrate all the significant occasions, and at the start of Q2, we had an amazing time celebrating Easter πŸ₯šπŸ° with the thrilling Wolfpack Easter Hunt Express inspired by the popular reality TV show America Express.

Teams were formed, and the hunt kicked off with a blast! Everyone jumped into action, tackling a variety of exciting challenges. The goal? Be the first team to conquer all the obstacles and make it back to the starting point. The competition was fierce, with each team pushing themselves to the limit for a shot at that shiny πŸ₯‡ prize.

To everyone's surprise, the victors of this year's hunt turned out to be the reigning champions from last year! πŸ†

We truly enjoyed this event, and we want to congratulate, again, all the wolves who took up this challenge. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Techsylvania - our favourite tech event πŸŽ‰

Techsylvania is one of the most significant tech events organized in Eastern Europe, and this year marked the 10th edition of the conference. 

Each year, Techsylvania brings together a remarkable group of global speakers, CEOs, founders, executives, investors, experts, and passionate tech enthusiasts. It's an outstanding gathering that serves as the ultimate platform for networking and learning, and we eagerly join this incredible event year after year, captivated by the inspiration and opportunities that Techsylvania offers.

In 2023, Csilla, Diana, Gina, Vali, Radu and Adi represented Wolfpack Digital at our own booth. 🀩 We recreated a byte of our vibrating and inviting office, and we welcomed everyone who joined us with a howl. 🐺

Potaissa Street - a mesmerising blend of colours 🌈 and sounds 🎢

Potaissa Street is one of the most enchanting streets in Cluj-Napoca, and each year, it undergoes a vibrant transformation during the Flowers Market (Piata de Flori Altfel), filling the air with colour and inspiration.

Daisler Asociation, the event's main organiser, aims to bring local producers and talented flower artists into one bustling marketplace.

We are delighted to have been part of this year's event, as we proudly sponsored the entire music line-up, adding a special touch to the occasion.

Q2 was all about the community 🀝

We're grateful to call the beautiful city of Cluj-Napoca our beloved home! πŸŒ† The city's pulse beats in perfect harmony with your adventurous spirit, giving us many occasions to get out of our den and enjoy everything that makes this city unique. 

Among the things we love about Cluj, there are all the opportunities to get involved in the community and make a difference.
The past three months have offered us plenty of chances to partake in events that let us leave our pawprints on matters close to our hearts.

  • The Color Run - where Diana, Daria, Alexandra, Denisa, Iulia, Codrut and Florin enjoyed a good run in a colourful way. 🌈 

  • The Night Cross (Crosul de Noapte) - where Alexandra, Adelina, Denisa, Oana and Florin ran under a starry sky. 🌌

  • UTCN Webinars - Carmen, Diana, and Oana, from the People & Culture team, prepared presentations for a group of students from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, covering interesting topics from building a CV and a cover letter, learning how to give and receive feedback to how to build a personal brand and make the most out of the LinkedIn profile, all with the goal of preparing the students for their first day on their desired jobs. πŸ’Ό
  • JSHeroes  - a conference for web development enthusiasts, organised in two days, where Sandra, Alexandra, Florin, Flaviu, Bogdan, and Dan were present this year.

  • JSHeroes Meetup hosted at Wolfpack Digital - featuring Florin, one of our talented web developers and proud member of the JSHeroes organizing team. During the event, he delivered an insightful presentation on Vue & Nuxt, sharing valuable insights about the current state of the ecosystem.

  • FIX Cluj Demo Day - an incubator program designed to help young entrepreneurs from Cluj-Napoca transform their ideas into reality. Gina, our CEO, joined the juror’s team to handpick the top 10 teams out of the impressive 40 participants to progress to the next stage of the program. 

  •   #defineStories - an inspiring segment within the Techsylvania 2023 Satellite Events, hosted at our den. Adi, our CTO, shared some of the challenges he faced on the path to success during a panel discussion titled "Insights from Innovative Minds in Tech". πŸš€

  • Embracing diversity in the tech world - an event organised by SASUBB where Gina, our CEO, took the stage as the main guest and speaker at a thought-provoking talk on the importance of diversity and inclusion. With her insightful perspective, she emphasised the importance of fostering an inclusive environment for innovation and growth. πŸŽ™
  • dpIT (DescoperΔƒ-Θ›i pasiunea în IT) - an exciting program designed exclusively for talented high school students eager to turn their ideas into tangible products. At the kick-off meeting, we warmly welcomed all participants and provided them with a glimpse into our company and culture. Throughout the program, the students will benefit from dedicated mentorship by our experienced web developers, Cristi and Bogdan. 🐺🐺

Reasons for celebration πŸ₯³

Wolfpack Digital was featured in the Top App Development Companies in April, according to DesignRush.

Apple Design Awards, which took place during WWDC23, recognises innovation, ingenuity, and technical achievement in app and game design. 
We were proud that our partner, Transreport, received a nomination in the Inclusivity category. 🎊 
Although it didn't secure the win, being an Apple Design Award finalist is an awesome achievement, and we couldn't be any happier for them. πŸ™Œ

In the last 3 months, we received an impressive number of 6 partner reviews, of 5 stars each, on our Clutch profile
Our happiness is beyond the moon πŸŒ™ to see how much our partners appreciate our collaboration and the value we’re able to bring to their projects. 

We want to also thank our fierce team for being devoted to every project and to our mission of bringing beauty and performance to the world through technology. πŸ’›

In the spotlight: our blog posts ✨✨

Being part of the pack means getting better every day at what you do. It also involves sharing all the learnings with your colleagues and with the world. 🌍 

Through our blog posts, we keep you updated with our journey and share with you what's new in the tech space. 
In Q2, we wrote some interesting articles: πŸ‘‡

Healthcare IT Solutions - What to Consider When Consulting Service Providers
Healthcare IT solutions are essential in providing better patient care and transforming the healthcare industry. However, developing and implementing these solutions come with unique challenges that healthcare organizations and entrepreneurs must consider. It is crucial to find experienced professionals in the field, navigate healthcare regulations such as HIPAA compliance, stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements, and many more.

Understanding Nuxt 3 - Part I
In the world of web development, one cannot just learn one tech stack and climb his way to seniority without constantly learning. In this article, we'll dive into the highly awaited release of Nuxt 3 and see how different Composition API versus the former Options API is used in Nuxt 2.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Discover the Advantages of Collaborating with Fintech Software Development Experts!
Through a strategic partnership with a trustworthy software development agency, financial firms can gain access to specialized expertise, minimize expenses, enhance operational efficiency, and elevate the quality of their services. Let's explore these advantages in detail and learn how they can give your fintech company an edge in the market.

Inside WWDC23: A Firsthand Account of Apple's Epic Developer Event
Step into the captivating world of WWDC23 with Dan, our Head of Mobile, who's sharing his firsthand experience about Apple's renowned annual event.

Understanding Nuxt 3 - Part II
While in the first part of the article, we went through the major differences in Composition API vs Options API and how Reactivity API works in Nuxt 3, now it’s time to talk about how does one handle state management.

Migrating Your Project to the New Swift Concurrency Using Async/Await
Async/await is part of the new structured concurrency changes that arrived in Swift 5.5. Concurrency in Swift means allowing multiple pieces of code to run at the same time. With the new async functions and await statements, we can define asynchronous sequences. As an iOS developer, you might wonder why you should adopt it and update your current projects to this structure. This article provides a complete overview of its benefits and how it can help you have a more clear and structured project.

That's it for this wrap-up! πŸ₯³

Until the next one, you can keep up with our journey on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok.

Have a howltastic summer! β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

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