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We take mental health awareness seriously

May 13 2021
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Chief Marketing Officer

Mental illnesses are common across the world and come in different conditions, shapes, and degrees of severity. And yet, about 50% of major depressions are untreated and up to 50% of chronic sick leaves are due to depression/anxiety in Europe.


While Wolfpack Digital provides well-rounded solutions and a quality framework for core product development, migrations to newer technologies, digital transformation, and support for innovation management to all the healthcare partners we have, mental health plays a huge role in our organization’s mission. 

We are aware that people with mental illness challenges struggle with both their symptoms and the stereotypes and stigma surrounding the mental health misconception, and our goal is to support initiatives that will reduce the impact of stigma on people with mental illness, but also provide the digital tools that will ease the process.
By being aware, we mean that we always consider the fact that nearly one in five U.S. adults lives with a mental illness (51.5 million in 2019), according to the National Institute of Mental Health, and each year, 25% of the European population suffers from depression or anxiety (according to World Health Organization). 

This is why every year we set goals to make mental health treatment more accessible through mobile apps and strive to integrate people who are stigmatized through our digital products and support within the health community - be it within hackathons, mentorship, or anything else we can do to combat stigma, to educate and to provide easier access to mental health solutions through digitalization.

As employers, local business leaders (aka tech community glue), and partners of multiple entrepreneurs, we have a duty to take mental health seriously:

  • we do our best to help support and manage our team’s mental wellbeing through different actions  (from team events, yoga sessions, constant happiness check, 1:1 meetings to providing emergency days off with no questions asked if you just need a break to clear your mind)
  • local events focusing on mental health will receive our support based on their needs - mentorship from our team in terms of Product  Strategy, market fit, UX/UI, development as well as financially and in terms of logistics.
  • our partners listened by their Account Manager and we improve the process on the go so they can focus on their business as much as they need to, and trust us to transform their idea into real apps without being overwhelmed and stressed during the app development process.

part of the Wolfpack Digital team during a yoga session


The latest action we took was to be the unique partner and supporter of the e-Mental Health Hackathon! An online event that empowered all undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in healthcare innovation to develop ingenious solutions to ‘Mental Health Care’. Together with our partners, Hive Innovation we've designed this event to educate, inspire, mentor, and help university students tackle Europe’s Mental Health challenges through digital solutions.
Additionally, because we know there are tens of therapy app, suicide prevention apps, and anxiety management apps in the mobile marketplaces now. But only a few of them are truly accurate and help people, so we decided to cover in an article the process of How to build a reliable suicide prevention app. We included:

  • the digitalization of the six evidence-based suicide prevention strategies approved by WHO and the Safety planning intervention by Stanley, B. & Brown, G.K. (2011)
  • UX/UI for mental health apps
  • Features to consider for a suicide prevention app 

Mental health apps built by Wolfpack Digital

  • We've worked with multiple healthcare partners, but we've also developed our own apps, through Wolfpack Digital Labs and two of them are in the mental health vertical:
  • Pamble is the first integrated digital treatment for gambling addiction using CBT techniques and other proven techniques used by world-renowned psychotherapy experts.
  • Medusa is the first meditation app in Romanian to support mental health and wellbeing, as meditation in one’s mother tongue is proven to be more effective in fighting off stress and illness. And here's how we built the first meditation app with content in Romanian.

Build Your Mental Health App with Wolfpack Digital

We have a team of tech experts who understand the needs for a mental health app, be it for suicide prevention, anxiety management, meditations, or patient management & communication! Our CEO, Gina  Lupu, also published 6 Lessons for Building Great Medical Software - Digitalising the Healthcare Industry and Health Apps that you can go through if have a health startup! If you're looking to digitalize any health services or any part of the medical act, get in touch with us and let’s talk - We can surely help!





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