meditation and mindfulness app

The first meditation app with content in Romanian

Location:Cluj-Napoca, Romania



Medusa is the first mindfulness mobile application with content in Romanian. This product grew at Wolfpack Digital as an internal initiative aimed at having a positive impact on the emotional wellbeing of the local population. It’s proven that listening to recordings in one’s native language has a more powerful effect on the subconscious than listening to recordings in another language, regardless of the high level of proficiency. 


the challenge

The main effort was directed to providing an impeccable UX/UI experience and to offering helpful content focused on: easing depression symptoms, coping with anxiety, improving self-confidence, overall relaxation etc. We collaborated for the content with one of the most renowned Romanian specialists in hypnosis, dr. Viorel Lupu.

the solution

Medusa is one of our first start-ups that came to life after a session of internal pitching and we look forward to growing it more and to including more features. The plan includes developments using machine learning especially.

the result


app development services

our contribution
  • Full iOS development;
  • Full Android development;
  • Full Ruby on Rails API development;
  • Project management;
  • UX/UI Design;
  • Release to Google Play Store and App Store.


  • Visualization of topics for mindfulness exercises;
  • Play specific recording;
  • Mobile stores artwork design.

tools & technologies

ruby on rails
Adobe Photoshop
Android Studio/Kotlin

app design

style guide

interactive app prototype

get the feel of the app
Play around with this clickable interactive prototype and navigate from screen to screen.
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