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The Web & Mobile Development Process. How Wolfpack Digital works

Chief Marketing Officer
Feb 21, 2020 • 3 min

With a presence across most continents and much experience in developing apps in multiple industries, from IoT and HealthTech to Fintech and everything in between, we help entrepreneurs and businesses discover, design, build and scale their digital products!
Enhancing collaboration and transparency between our customers and the web development team at Wolfpack Digital is the most crucial aspect, and here’s our 3:2:1 on how we manage to turn our customers into long-term partners!

3 methodologies we use 

There are 3 methodologies we use to enhance the collaboration between our customers and the team. We use them to deliver a digital product that aligns the vision and the expectations of its creators, and here's how they work:
1. Lean Startup 

No matter if we are talking to a startup, scaleup, or enterprise, when a new app is developed, we genuinely believe that entrepreneurs must investigate, experiment, test, and iterate as they develop products. These steps minimize the efforts and resources, and efficiently streamlines all the resources and actions to place the idea on the market. The lean startup methodology means that our development team and the customers go through the process of understanding the problem and defining a solution, create an MVP, and measure all hypothesis-testing actions. 

2. Agile 

As simple as it sounds, the Agile methodology makes the web platform development process quicker and easier. The idea is to have a timeboxed and iterative approach, so instead of delivering the whole project at once, we incrementally deliver the software from start-to-end using sprints.

3. Scrum

When it comes to project management in the development process, we use Scrum as a framework. The three verticals of the Scrum framework are transparency, inspection, and adaptation. The framework, which is part of Agile software development, is named for a rugby formation — or, in this case, a wolfpack formation. Before any partnership kick-off, we take the time to introduce every customer to these methodologies, explain why we use them, showcase the benefits of lean startup, point out what is the agile methodology and how Scrum works in their budget and project's favor — We do this as our portfolio experience varies massively from industry to industry. We want to make sure everyone is perfectly aligned with the product's goal!

2 steps to build a web and mobile app with our team

When it comes to building web and/or a mobile app, the process can be overwhelming for most people starting (or scaling) their entrepreneurship journey. But here is how the Wolfpack Digital team works:

1. Product Discovery Workshop

Once a customer decides to partner up with us to develop a mobile or web app, the first step is to deliver a Product Discovery workshop — an organized way to declutter all the business ideas and transform them into features to be developed for the app. To create successful products, we always  keep in mind the business goals and their users’ personas, and the Product Discover workshop with Wolfpack Digital aims to:

  • Clarify your idea, get feedback and answer all your questions with the Wolfpack Digital team of experts - from Product development, UX/UI designers, CTO, and any other expert is needed (based on the product)
  • Outline a strategic approach to transforming your idea into a digital product in terms of technology, features, functionalities, approach.
  • Prepare the app documentation, wireframing, and UX/UI design in a Session with one of our Senior UX/UI designers.
  • Set a user journey map, a prioritization chart, and a detailed estimation of your project's roadmap and costs.

2. Start-to-end development with a top agency from Europe

We are dedicated to being your most valued strategic partner! And once we managed to be on the same page in terms of product expectations and to validate the roadmap together, it is time actually to build your digital product.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to building your web or mobile app

  • Define requirements
  • Wireframing
  • UI/UX Design, branding and prototyping
  • App Development
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Launch in the App Store and/or Google Play, or deploy the web app and make it publicly available for everyone — or to a limited audience for beta-testing or exclusive launches.


1 Key Takeaway if you want to partner up with us

We only ship products that we also like and believe in — this way, we make sure that the customer gets our best work! 

To ensure the best quality of the products, we value transparency more than everything else! We discuss with each of our customers all the aspects of the product to ensure we use the best technology to meet their business expectations (e.g., scalability), attain an affordable price and offer access to all our working timesheets, live meetings in our office, weekly demos, and everything in between.

So, now that you know more about how we work, we'd love to learn more about the project you're envisioning. Get in touch with us and let's chat!



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