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Wolfpack Digital featured in the Clutch 1000 List of 2019

Marketing Specialist
Dec 5, 2019 • 4 min

Out of nearly 160,000 companies listed on Clutch, we are featured in the Exclusive Cutch 1000 List of the Top Firms 2019.

Innovation means applying top-notch technologies to provide brand new customer experiences and to digitize, simplify and automate existing company and product-related processes. That’s how we see innovation for businesses at Wolfpack Digital, a top web and mobile application development company.

Our product-oriented team transforms business ideas into mobile and web apps designed to acquire, retain, and engage customers. The clean, high-quality code wrapped in an eye-catching UX/UI design is based on clear business goals and a sustainable product strategy we build together with clients. Discover our successfully delivered projects across various industries, such as healthtech, ecommerce, automotive, IoT, or fintech. 


Is Clutch and its Top Firms 2019 list worth trusting? 

Based in Washington, DC, Clutch is a premium review platform for B2B services providers. Clutch analysts create company rankings across a wide variety of industries and locations by starts and reviews. Thus, being featured in the Exclusive Clutch 1000 List of Top Firms 2019 is a trustworthy validation of an agency's expertise. Not to hide, our Clutch profile boasts over 16 reviews with an average rating of 5-stars


“Their ability to understand our objectives and work as though they are a part of the team has always been the best selling point.”

- Ben Sweeney, Director of Product Development at The Bosco, NY


The Bosco found us to be their valued partner, building together stunning web applications and iOS apps that redefine branding experiences. Together we implemented top-notch photo installations that interactively introduce a brand to the public. The result of our successful collaboration became part of events for customers like Pandora, H&M, or Gatorade. 

Get in touch with our team to learn more about how we work. If we have a match, our goal is to become your most valued software development partner in no time!


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