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Wolfpack Digital is ISO 9001:2015 Certified for Quality Management

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Apr 14, 2020 • 4 min

Time works wonders — and from the moment the company was founded, our team of mobile and web developers has managed to join more than 50 entrepreneurs and brand representatives from all over the world in their journey towards innovating their businesses. 

It was about time for Wolfpack Digital to become an ISO 9001:2015 certified app development company. In March 2020, after a rigorous process, we received two certifications. 

Why choose an ISO 9001:2015 certified app development company?

Software projects are usually complex and require a lot of resources that can lead to great results and provide innovation to all the industries alike. Choosing a development company as a tech partner means you trust them to take care of the start-to-end implementation of your idea. 

The two certifications prove that Wolfpack Digital has a quality and information security system in check, and the company operates at the highest standards possible. 

The software industry can easily be compared to space traveling: it requires a lot of planning and research, it deals with a lot of sensible data and information, and the mistakes can be fatal. 

If building an app would be similar to sending a man on the moon, who would you trust to take you there? Would you let a random mathematician calculate the trajectory of your trip, or would you let a team of specialists do its work and bring you back safe?


How do the 7 principles of Quality Management reflect on the process of building an app?

1. Customer focus

The centric goal of our company is to act according to our customers’ needs and help them achieve their business goals. Besides providing our app and web development services at the highest quality possible, we manage successfully to exceed our client’s expectations in terms of deliverables and the overall process. 

2. Leadership 

Just like in a pack of wolves, our team is heading consciously in the same direction. Our goals as a business are aligned on all the management levels, and effective communication helps us deliver the planned results. Every team member is accountable for the work we provide! 

3. Engagement of people

Wolfpack Digital is a suite of 4 cross-functional teams consisting of highly-specialized experts that each tackle a specific component that, in the end, results in flawless and high-caliber digital products. 

The quality stands in: 

  • constant learning activities;
  •  knowledge-sharing internal events;
  • well-established values and a rich company culture based on proactivity, ownership, transparency, innovation, and excellent communication.

This is the recipe that allows our team members to improve their personal contribution to the end result. 

4. Process approach 

The quality management system helps our team to harness all our skills and talents. Our teams are devoted to the level of obsession with the working methodologies we found useful: Lean Startup, Agile, Scrum

During the time in which we helped more than 50 brands build tailored digital products, we conducted constant evaluations and collected feedback from our clients. This way, our team has polished its working processes, communication, and teamwork. 

Having an aligned and consistent web and mobile app development process gives the certainty that all the resources are used efficiently and effectively. 

Flaviu Simihaian, CEO and Co-founder of Amplicare, NYC, USA

5. Improvement 

Wolfpack Digital is a 5-year-old company, time in which we developed an on-going focus on improvement. Each mistake has been taken as an opportunity and well-documented to ensure we have our lessons learned, and new processes were in place to overcome the risks of these mistakes. 
Now we proudly can say that we have stable performance, a high turn-around speed, and good adaptability to changes.

Besides our day-to-day app coding, we discuss and plan new improvement projects and activities, making sure we upgrade the quality of our services with each project, business, and client we work with. 

6. Evidence-based decision making 

As a tech-partner, our decisions have a direct impact on the business we work with. This is why the decisions on all the levels within our team are based on careful analysis of data and information

Our management team made sure that we learn the cause-and-effect relationships and the aftermaths for each industry we work with. Having data on the table leads to achieving goals and delivering extra value to our clients. 

7. Relationship management 

The last but most important principle of quality management is the relationship management of all actors involved in the app development process — clients on one side and the development team involved. Therefore, we like to establish long-term relationships with our clients based on common goals, balanced with trust, proactivity, and great communication. 
At the end of the day, we aim for short-term results and long-term goals. 

Wolfpack Digital has a vast portfolio of successful web and mobile apps, close relationship with the tech community, a team of extremely talented professionals, and several awards from trusted parties - and now, two certifications to mirror our commitment to quality and security.

Do you have a brilliant idea, and you are looking for some technical advice and implementation? Wait no more! Let’s discuss it and be sure that your idea is in good hands. Contact us! 


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