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Wolfpack Digital | client reviews

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Working with Wolfpack Digital has been a blast. Gina and her team are very product-oriented and made sure they understood our needs before diving into building the app. This upfront effort paid off by meeting the deadline weeks ahead of schedule.
Flaviu Simihaian
CEO and Co-founder of Amplicare



Amplicare is a SaaS company that allows medicare plans' comparisons and cost estimations for patients. The medical application provides a range of features to help pharmacies grow revenue and improve patient care through phone calls automation, identification of new revenue opportunities, display of therapeutic alternatives for patients, and much more.



the challenge

Amplicare wanted to explore the product’s opportunities to impact 1B patients before 2030 by making the healthcare industry accessible and transparent. We identified that a higher availability would be the best solution, and we extended the existing web app service by developing new iOS and Android tablet apps, replacing the old iPad app. 

the solution

For a great mobile experience and accessibility for both pharmacies and patients, our mobile app developers started with web application embedding, while the connection to the RESTful API made available by Amplicare.

As a top development company that works with healthcare apps, we identified and added new automation features aimed to ease the pharma workers’ physical processes (such as printing) and workflow, successfully migrated stored data to the new iPad app, and created converting visuals in the app stores to present the new MedApp easily! 

Wolfpack Digital is a long-term partner of Amplicare, and we continue our development work for any mobile updates to the day.

the result

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Patients love it. Last year we saved patients $250,000 to $300,000 by helping them compare Medicare Part D plans with Amplicare Match.
Steve Adkins, Healthpark Pharmacy
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app development services

our contribution
  • Full iOS app development;
  • Full Android app development.
  • Project management;
  • IT Consultancy;
  • UI Design;
  • Release to Google Play Store and App Store;


  • Web application embedding;
  • Mobile print functionality;
  • Backward compatibility through migration of stored data to the new iPad app;
  • Mobile stores artwork design.

tools & technologies

Android Studio
Adobe Photoshop

the app launch

success story

Amplicare has been named one of the Pharma Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Enterprise Software Companies for 2019 as over 5,000 independent pharmacies use their services on a daily basis!


Getting many thanks from their clients that work in the pharma industry.


Amplicare team in their NYC office turning pharmacists into healthcare superheroes.


Connecting with other pharmacy community leaders at McKesson ideaShare 2019.

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