Introducing healthcare automation within a pharmacy app

Jan 20 2020
4 min
Ira Melnic
Marketing Specialist

Technology transforms the way healthcare is delivered! Either it is a surgical robot or a pharmacy app.

Each and one of us, as patients, have individual needs and technology improved care complex equipment a lot in the past years!

In the meanwhile, the broader healthcare system (goods, services, pharmacies, labs, hospitals, etc.) is not only at the equipment stage, but the focus is on the processes automation as well. 

Through automation, pharmacies, and other stakeholders in the ecosystem, save their time and efforts. This way, employees are free to spend time on work with better returns — on actual healthcare and patient customization maybe, not on operations.

Here’s our 3:2:1 for a healthcare automation solution for the Pharma industry: 3 features, 2 usability solutions, and 1 Pharma app review.


3 Automation Features of a Successful Pharmacy App

Amplicare helps 5.000 independent pharmacies support and retain their customers, and millions of patients have embraced the pharmacy app. It is a New York-based company that we partnered-up with in terms of development.


Automation features of Amplicare pharmacy app like in-app assistant and messages automation by Wolfpack Digital


Here are 3 automation features for a pharmacy app:

  • Phone calls and messages automation

Automated messages allowed Amplicare to have both pharmacies and their patients up to date with their medical activity. This helps pharmacies remind their customers about refills, new offers, or prescription programs — habits that slip so easily out of patients' minds! 

  • Medical plan comparison

Automated or not, any client would fall for a pharmacy app if it saves them money. The matching feature triggered this trust catalyst. It offers pharmacies' clients medical plans comparisons in order to choose the most suitable one within the pharmacy app. 

  • Personal in-app assistant

The app algorithm helps pharmacies to identify patients who have difficulties following their prescriptions. Furthermore, pharmacies can provide customers with a personal in-app assistant to help them increase medication adherence.

2 Solutions for Simplifying the App Use

Usability is key when it comes to any digital product especially when the audience is so large and accessibility and multiple medical conditions should be considered while developing a healthcare app. 


Simplifying app use of Amplicare pharmacy app for tablets and mobile devices by Wolfpack Digital


Here are 2 solutions we developed to simplify the app use:

  • Integration with the pharmacy system

Playing by already existing rules, Amplicare simplified the use of their app features by integrating them within already existing pharmacy apps. This decision allowed pharmacies and their clients to avoid experiencing the resistance of installing and learning a new app.

  • Embed the web application on tablet and mobile devices

The web app offers pharmacies a complete overview of their clients’ needs and interactions. And, as once can imagine, this means a lot of information from both sides (patient, and pharmacy). So one of the solutions was to embed the app to tablets and smartphones through flawless iOS and Android apps.

These micro-HealthTech automation solutions happen to bring tremendous value to the pharmacy market and the patients. 


 “Patients love it. Last year we saved patients $250,000 to $300,000 by helping them compare Medicare Part D plans with Amplicare Match”

Steve Adkins, Healthpark Pharmacy, NC


Healthcare and Technology are one of the most important industries. A now is the right time to create emerging apps and solutions to simplify your workflows, improve patient care and grow your revenue.

Contact us if you need help to develop your healthcare app! Wolfpack Digital is a top app development company from Transylvania with more than 5-year experience in HealthTech start-to-end apps. 


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