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Mayday Notes
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The app that helps teenagers deal with various rough times by offering them a collection of coping suggestions
Mayday Notes is an iOS app dedicated to anyone going through rough times, especially to teenagers experiencing feelings that are hard to manage and may produce self-destructive behavior.
Location:London, UK
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developingMayday Notes


the challenge

Slike Grygier, a London-based therapist and activist, felt the urge to create a simple and easy-to-use app to help people overcome crisis situations, as difficult feelings can lead to self-destructive behavior. This lead to a conversation with our CEO, Georgina Lupu Florian, who is also a psychology graduate, besides being an engineer. 

the solution

Paring up with Wolfpack Digital allowed Silke to develop and bring a healthtech solution to the app market. The app can be used individually or as part of the therapy process, is aimed at teenagers in particular. Since 2014, the interested audience can use MaydayNotes for a set of predefined, carefully selected suggestions of how to cope with toxic and hard-to-manage emotions. Moreover, this pocket solution allows you to add, edit, and delete pieces of advice to yourself.


the result

app development services

our contribution
  • Full iOS development;
  • Full UX/UI design;
  • Project management.
  • Emotion selection;
  • Recommendations feed;
  • Add/edit/delete personalized recommendations.

tools & technologies

Adobe Photoshop
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