Wolfpack Digital on becoming an eco-friendly company

Aug 28 2020
3 min
Valentina Biciuc
Marketing Specialist

Nature and technology go hand in hand, and at Wolfpack Digital, we learned to fortify our relationship with nature by embracing innovation. In our case, just like a real wolf depends on the green ecosystem, being close to nature is a genuine and intuitive lifestyle that we have grown accustomed to. The love for nature translates not only into the GreenTech mobile and web apps we build but also in our daily lives at the office and the green initiatives we believe in and support.

GreenTech apps built by the Pack

With vast experience across several industries, we build successful web and mobile apps for industries like transportation, fintech, healthtech, IoT, education & recruitment, sports, and greentech. 

Green web solution informing about deforestation

This summer, the Wolfpack Digital team was one of the sponsors at The Potaissa Street in Cluj-Napoca. Their mission is to create a green oasis in the city's busy streets by inviting local florists with various flowers and plants. It’s a special occasion for the community in love with nature to support local florists and give a fresh vibe and look for the city. Our team decided to support this green initiative and build a web solution covering Romanian forests' critical state and cruel deforestation. To give you a short context, not so long ago, Romania was the home of almost 65% of Europe's primeval forests, and studies show that in Romania, an average of 3 hectares is getting deforested each hour. 

A group of our colleagues passionate about this topic created an information and awareness campaign. The result was a beautifully moss-framed picture, which was a gateway to a website meant to provide data-based facts and tips on how we can live more sustainably.

IoT app for plants

Our journey with GreenTech started with the Raindrops project, an IoT app for plant management and irrigation. Raindrops app results from a collaboration between several companies and professionals who bring expertise in electronics industrial design, marketing, and software development that we have been responsible for. 

Due to its remarkable concept, Raindrops has gathered attention from media outlets and stole the spotlight at local tech conferences. All in one, Raindrops is an iOT system that connects a smart flowerpot with a mobile app that allows the users to see the plant's real-time status and schedule the automated irrigation.

Eco-friendly team of Wolves 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit us unexpectedly, our team of designers crafted reusable masks to ensure our safety doesn't cause a pollution boost. 

We adopted a selective recycling approach at our office, and we had a special guest who held a presentation with practical tips on how to recycle correctly and how all the process works. To paraphrase a well-known saying, we keep our friends close, but plants closer. We try as much as possible to create a greener environment at our office by adding a small oasis of plants to keep the air fresh and productivity up.

Going green is a long journey, but we keep taking small steps towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

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