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Top Fintech Apps built by Wolfpack Digital

Sep 16 2021
3 min
Marketing Specialist

Just like Chris Skinner said, ignoring the technological change in a financial system based upon technology is like a mouse starving to death because someone moved their cheese.

Fintech Disruption

The financial market requires a system reboot. That’s pretty clear, just like the fact that financial institutions and banks have to adapt their operation to the tech evolution.

Companies that will infuse technology into their services will outrun the traditional institutions stuck in their antique methods. 

While the titans of the industry are figuring their way of going digital, some fintech startups are securing their place on the market with some disruptive fintech apps. 

Fintech applications built by Wolfpack Digital

At Wolfpack Digital, we partner up with global brands to build digital solutions capable of innovating the financial sector and reinventing the customer experience. Our vast background starts from partnering up with Banca Transilvania, a local Romanian bank, to design the web presence for their campaigns to building private bank solutions and software for cashless donations. Here are the top fintech applications we have built.

Planet of Finance 

Location: Monaco
Chairman - Olivier Collombin

Planet of Finance is a matching web platform connecting wealthy magnats with financial advisors. Having a vast network of financial professionals with whom users can book online meetings or schedule video calls, makes Planet of Finance worthy of its title as the Facebook of Private bankers. 


Location: London, UK 
Founder & President: Andrew O’brien

Since the GoodBox team is pursuing technological excellence for challenges, we helped them build a contactless fundraising tool for cashless donations. 

GoodBox is trusted and successfully used by the UK's biggest charities, including the Natural History Museum, Tate Modern, Victoria and Albert Museum, Teenage Cancer Trust.
GoodBox is the future of fundraising in a cashless world.


Location: Berlin, Germany 
Founder: Marcus Thielking

Cheerify is a social media app for money transfers soon to be launched. Imagine if you could combine Instagram, Revolut, and Indiegogo in one app. This is Cheerify - a fintech app that allows you to share creative stories while collecting funds from your network. Users can create content to raise funds for any occasions, starting with a birthday to going on the trip of your dreams, or organizing a new music festival.


Location: London, UK
Founders: Maurizio Kaiser and Edgar de Picciotto

Ikigai is a digital private banking that offers premium banking and wealth management services. 

The Japanese word stands for a reason for being, meaning, purpose in life. The mission of the Ikigai app is to combine tech coherence with human discernment. It provides full control of personal finances in an intuitive and straightforward way. 

At Wolfpack Digital we are fully prepared to help brands, from agile startups to large enterprises to accelerate innovation and build disruptive fintech apps.

Your app idea is next!  Our team of certified developers can help you build the frictionless digital experiences for your financial services. Let’s identify the innovation you can bring to the financial industry with a custom software application. 


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