Banca Transilvania

How we designed landing pages for Banca Transilvania’s campaigns

Location:Cluj Napoca, Romania

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Banca Transilvania is one of the largest banks in Romania, with over 8000 employees and 3 million customers and it aims to be the go-to bank for entrepreneurs!


the challenge

Banca Transilvania is a modern banking institution from Cluj-Napoca with a strong local brand and a spotlight across Romania. The challenge was to create a web design concept and visuals for 2 seasonal marketing campaigns. The first campaign was around the Back-to-School concept, while the aim was to promote discounted personal loans and credit cards. 

The second campaign was dedicated to the Mastercard & Lionel Messi collaboration in the pre-UEFA Champions League football season. The goal was to build a presentation homepage showcasing the 3 offers and a page with details for each, featuring global football star Lionel Messi. 

the solution

The Wolfpack Digital design team designed a concept tailored around Banca Transilvania's brand offering both an outstanding and responsive UX/UI design!

the result

Bank-to-School Campaign 


app development services

our contribution
  • Full UX/UI design;
  • User testing and validation;
  • Building an interactive prototype;
  • Mobile optimisation for all pages;
  • Project management;
  • Design QA.


  • Landing page design with the three "Bank to School" products;
  • A countdown timer;
  • Individual product presentation pages;
  • Teaser and post-promotional views;
  • Contact form.

tools & technologies

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