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affordable EEG scans

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affordable EEG scans

A Medical Technology Company bringing affordable EEG scans and interpretations to everyone.
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BrainCapture brings accessible EEG scans in low-resource settings through a mobile app that connects via Bluetooth to an amplifier connected to an EEG cap.
Location:Copenhagen, DK
2022 - 2022



the challenge

BrainCapture's mission is to revolutionize EEG (electroencephalogram) scans, a vital tool in detecting epilepsy. 

Traditional EEG scans that measure electrical activity in the brain using small metal discs (electrodes) attached to the scalp are expensive, difficult to operate and often inaccessible in low-resource settings like Kenya. 

Our challenge was to create an IoT mobile app that could seamlessly connect to an amplifier, facilitating affordable and efficient EEG scans even without an internet connection.

the solution

In collaboration with BrainCapture, we created an inclusive, cost-effective and accessible solution that functions seamlessly without depending on an internet connection. 

The result of our efforts is an intricately designed application that provides EEG operators with a streamlined process, allowing them to establish a Bluetooth connection to an amplifier intricately linked to an EEG cap.

The application guides the operator through a sequence of steps, commencing with a pre-interview to gather pertinent patient information, then walks them through a series of guided exercises for calibration, hyperventilation, and photic stimulation while recording the EEG with the data captured by the electrodes in the cap. 

In the final step, the operator completes an evaluation form, securely uploading it to the cloud. This crucial feature enables medical specialists to remotely access and analyze the data, providing them with the tools for timely diagnoses. 

Throughout development, we adhered to the rigorous IEC 62304 standard, ensuring full regulatory compliance and certifying the app as a legitimate medical device.  

the result


core tech

app development services

our contribution
  • Android app development;
  • Complete design shift from Figma to Marvel;
  • 3rd party integration with a cloud provider;
  • Bluetooth connectivity adjustments.


  • User Authentication;
  • Connectivity to an amplifier via Bluetooth;
  • Integration with a FDA, HIPAA, CE Mark compliant Cloud Platform for Medical Devices
  • Pre-interview form;
  • Guided exercises;
  • Evaluation form;
  • Cloud upload;
  • Offline support.

tools & technologies

  • firebase
  • bitrise


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Cluj-Napoca HQ: 37 Racoviță Street, 400165, Romania
Dublin: 42 Pearse Street, D02 YX88, Ireland
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