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Wolfpack Digital on Balance, Sustainable Growth, and Gender Parity

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Jan 16, 2024 β€’ 5 min

Wolfpack Digital is an award-winning digital agency based in Cluj-Napoca, specialising in end-to-end web and mobile app development. Founded in 2015, the agency has a team of 80+ professionals dedicated to building digital products for startups and big companies alike. With over 140 apps developed over its 9 years of existence, Wolfpack Digital focuses on key sectors such as fintech, healthtech, transportation, beauty, and IoT. The agency operates in diverse markets, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Romania, Ireland, and Germany.

In the current dynamic and evolving time and business environment, diverse teams are regarded as essential in navigating challenges and achieving success in an innovative and seamless manner. Reflecting this commitment to diversity in the technology industry, in 2023, Wolfpack Digital prides itself on achieving a perfect gender balance.

The Wolfpack Digital Culture: Balance and Diversity

The story of Wolfpack Digital began in 2015 with Gina Lupu-Florian and her vision to partner with visionary entrepreneurs and create powerful web and mobile apps that seamlessly blend performance and beauty. From its inception, the organisational culture was inspired by the spirit of a wolf pack, where teamwork, a sense of belonging, and inclusion coexist with a focus on results and performance.

As the company grew, more people joined and embraced this culture, cementing it as the cornerstone that unites and strengthens the team. This cohesive ethos is consistently championed and nurtured by the company's now co-CEO, Gina, who ensures that the robust culture at Wolfpack Digital evolves in conjunction with the team and the company.

At Wolfpack Digital, diversity is a fundamental component of the company culture, which has been instrumental in driving innovation and success. This dedication to diversity is also reflected in the company's structure, where an equal proportion of men and women create, collaborate and thrive.


2023: Achieving Gender Equality at Wolfpack Digital

Wolfpack Digital distinguishes itself in the industry not only for groundbreaking projects but also for its steadfast commitment to diversity and gender equality. This dedication isn't just a checkbox; it's a driving force behind the company's innovation and efficiency.

Beyond mere statistics, gender diversity at Wolfpack Digital fuels a spectrum of perspectives, enhances problem-solving and infuses creativity into every project. Each team member, irrespective of gender, contributes a unique blend of skills, leadership qualities, and creative talents, resulting in a team that's not only diverse but also robust and comprehensive in its approach to tackling technological challenges.

As the year comes to a close, 2023 marks a milestone for Wolfpack Digital – achieving true gender equality with an evenly split team of 50% women and 50% men.


What Does This Mean for the Wolfpack Digital Team?

Gender parity isn't just a statistic; it's a narrative told through the voices of our team. Here's what it means, straight from the testimonials of those who make our pack thrive:

Diana Jurca - People & Culture Specialist at Wolfpack Digital
“It is truly inspirational when you find yourself in a community where individuals of all genders bring unique perspectives to the table. I think it is essential to acknowledge the powerful mix of task-oriented, risk-taking approaches, coupled with positive leadership behaviours, high emotional intelligence and empathy that both men and women bring along to create a supportive workplace culture. At Wolfpack Digital, gender diversity isn’t just about balancing numbers but about creating an inclusive environment where every individual, regardless of gender, feels empowered to contribute authentically. This, I believe, sends a compelling message to our partners and community, emphasizing our commitment to valuing people just as they are. Interestingly, individuals who resonate with our shared values are naturally drawn to join us, leading to a harmonious balance within the community.”

Dan IlieΘ™ - Head of Mobile Development at Wolfpack Digital
“I am a true believer in merits, and I consider that both men and women should have the same chances and opportunities, not only on the personal level but also in their professional lives.
For me, gender diversity goes beyond numbers. It’s about creating a dynamic space where diverse perspectives can fuel creativity and problem-solving. Over the course of my career, I had the chance to work with incredible engineers, both men and women. Our team’s varied experiences and viewpoints not only contribute to a richer work environment but also lead to more inclusive and innovative solutions.”

Ioana Cazacu - Office Manager at Wolfpack Digital
“The concept of gender diversity, for me, embodies the recognition and valuing of diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences that individuals of different genders bring to a team or organization. I think these perspectives are strongly emphasized in our day-by-day work at Wolfpack Digital, making each of us feel valued as employees.”

Victor Motogna - Head of Web Development at Wolfpack Digital
“Our team naturally integrated gender parity and equality so well that you don’t notice it and enjoy working with everyone from the team. The focus was and always is on what everyone brings to the table: analytical thinking, creativity or an artistic touch. Everyone’s experiences made them who they are today, and we value all input and knowledge, regardless of where it comes from.”

Gina Lupu Florian - Co-CEO at Wolfpack Digital
“We've never had a specific target to reach gender parity by strongly promoting affirmative actions in our workplace at Wolfpack Digital; however, it's very thrilling to see it has occurred naturally! I strongly believe that a diverse environment - and gender isn't the only dimension of diversity, of course - produces better results and a more enjoyable journey for everyone, as all the flavours around us beautify our lives and the way we experience reality, projects, and relationships. Ever since we have a balanced team from the point of view of gender diversity, we can see that our environment successfully combines kindness, empathy, and respect with drive, agility, and ambition while nurturing a healthy atmosphere for people to express themselves and listen, while getting both support and challenge to grow personally and as a team. I believe that the fact that we value psychological safety and saying what needs to be said through feedback has been pivotal to reaching gender parity in '23, as our company naturally attracts people who share our vision and reconcile aspects of yin, yang, and everything in between. Also, seeing women thrive in our company has inspired other women to apply for positions in our company and grow their skills. In this respect, I believe we are really talking about a snowball effect, and seeing is believing! All in all, the experience of working together, as well as the results, have surely gone to the next level with gender parity!”

The Wolfpack Digital team proudly embraces gender parity as a catalyst for creativity and innovation, cultivating a diverse environment that nurtures individual and collective growth.

This commitment to equality is a foundation for building a harmonious and efficient team where each person can thrive, contribute, and create digital products that exceed the highest standards of quality.

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