Wolfpack Digital 2020 - Q1 Wrap-Up: strong and bold beginnings

Apr 1 2020
3 min
Valentina Biciuc
Marketing Specialist

2020 will go down in history for many reasons — with all the good and the bad. That doesn’t stop us from writing our history and staying ahead of the wave. Down below are the milestones that marked the beginning of 2020 for Wolfpack Digital. The Q1 wrap-up consists of highlights that made the past three months great for doing business, investing in our growth and collaborations.

🚩Announcements and Milestones

The year has started with our team moving to a new central office. With the new working space came a boost of inspiration that allows us to build new exciting web and mobile apps.

Next, we have launched a brand new Wolfpack Digital website. The new features have sharpened the way we express the value added to users across industries we work with: health tech, fintech, transportation, education, retail, marketplaces, and IoT.
We invite you to go on a virtual tour through our website. 

In January, we celebrated our company’s 5th anniversary, and our management team has surprised us with a city break in Rome, where we had plenty of fun and team bonding activities. Happy belated Birthday to us!
At Wolfpack Digital, the high-quality standards guide our decisions and working style. Starting with Q1, we have received two ISO certifications making our team certified for quality, consistency, and safety on an international level. We aim to deliver quality and trust for all our collaborations!

🏆 Awards

It’s rewarding for us to see all the recent acknowledgment Wolfpack Digital is getting from the public: partners, clients, and industry players. Here’s the list of awards we are proud to share with you:

  • Clutch award for the Top B2B Leaders of Eastern Europe 2019 rankings in Romania has arrived at our office. Congrats once again for the entire team on hitting the peaks:
    #1 in the Top Web Developers;
    #3 in the Top B2B Service Providers;
    #4 in the Top Mobile Developers.

  • 8th place in top 50 iOS app development companies in Mobile App Daily;
  • 9th place in the Best Mobile Application Development Companies worldwide as for March 2020;
  • Top web developers mentioned by Visual Objects.


🤝The success of our clients

Our team celebrates the achievements of our clients as our own, and the success of the products we have built is our fuel and motivation for developing new digital solutions. That being said, congrats to the following clients for these incredible achievements:

  • Planet of Finance won the Global Technology Solution in Wealth, Asset and Investment Management in the Global Banking Awards by The European.
  • Flexi Drive became one of the shortlisted finalists in the Best Use of Mobile Category in the Digital Media Awards!
  • Anyline won an award for sustainable products “made in Austria” being the number 1 winners for the Techsparks Conference in Bangalore for developing an AI-based image recognition for all types of applications.
  • Makerist team, a Berlin startup with whom we’ve worked, got an impressive exit and a transaction in the double-digit million range.

Makerist startup exit

🗞Learning Resources and Media mentions

At the beginning of this year, our CEO, Georgina Lupu Florian, shared her thoughts about the past year — 2019 Was All About Visibility and its Perks.

Corina Știrbu, our CMO, has written about three innovation Lessons from Sidewalk and Toronto Tomorrow, and her article got published by IoT For All.

After his previous article made waves in the design industry, Cristian, one of our brilliant UX/UI Designers, has come back with another insightful work, “The AI behind everyday apps” that got curated by Medium.

Wolfpack Digital’s ‘hunt’ for Premier Digital Solutions was explained by our Founder & CEO, Georgina Lupu Florian, in a tête-à-tête with Mobile App Daily.

Discover the story of Richard, a startup founder from New York whom we’ve helped build Ideacracy app, a new (and better) social media app for progressive media.

🚀 Local tech events

The Cluj tech community is inviting us to be speakers at industry events to share knowledge, ideas, and take part in some key decision making. Q1 was all about accepting the new role of trendsetters and tech experts, and these are some of the highlights from the past three months:

Our CEO, Georgina Lupu Florian, became a member of the Board of Directors of Transilvania IT Cluster, which covers 120 member companies with over 7700 employees and a turnover of approx. 320 mil EUR.

Corina Știrbu, our Chief Marketing Officer, was invited by Startup Weekend Cluj to join the panel of speakers at the ‘How to pitch a business’ event, where she stepped in with her broad background and gave advice on how to create a compelling startup pitch.

We supported the Winter BRD FTC DEMO organised by Transilvania Robotix, and we were happy to find out that more than 340 pupils got together to celebrate the magic of robotics science.

Gina was a speaker at Fintech Stories event organized by Finimize Cluj, where she spoke about how to build fintech apps and gave some insights from her own experience in working with global brands. 

Transilvania IT Cluster has organized the Startup City Cluj-Napoca, where we got to exhibit Pamble, the companion app for problem gambling. They also held an Innovation Camp where our CEO, Georgina Lupu Florian, took an active part in discovering how to boost the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Innovation Labs kept us busy this edition since besides joining the event as a Silver Partner along with four other tech companies from Cluj, our CTO, Adrian Florian, and our CMO, Corina Știrbu, joined the team of mentor for the Innovation Labs Cluj Hackathon. Moreover, three members of our team — Mihai, Răzvan, and Dan entered the Hackathon with the Luckify app and got chosen for the ten months of the pre-acceleration program.

Our CEO, Georgina Lupu, was one of the panel speakers at the How to Build a Product event held by Startup Weekend Cluj, where she shared her experience of building and managing products.

Besides going to events, some events choose us as their hosts. Last month we opened our doors for the Leadership Stories Meetup focused on the learning through leadership storytelling.

This year, we supported the Startup Weekend Cluj as a Gold Sponsor, and our CEO, Gina Lupu, was a mentor and a jury member where she got to be an advisor for new rising startup teams.

🐺Team Events

The past few months were as productive as fun for our team. The pack is regularly indulging in team building events, Game of Wolves, where we play board games while having enough learning time and training. All these allow us to be productive, focused, and dedicated to our mission of helping global brands build successful apps. The old traditions of sharing knowledge through Mango moments are still helping us to broaden our skills. Lately, we’ve been focusing on distressing activities and regular Yoga Sessions that allow us to take care of our mental health and inner peace.

Due to COVID-19 situation, our team is working from home and we keep being productive and close one to each other through regular video calls and online team building activities. Our company is donating 10 000 RON to the “Leon Daniello” Pulmonology Hospital in Cluj and another fundraising has started within the team.

And that’s a wrap! We really hope the world will get back on its feet soon. Each struggle can become an opportunity and Wolfpack Digital is 100% positive that this will turn out well in the end too. Stay tuned, and let’s make the best out of Q2! Remember that whenever you need to go digital with your business, we are here to become your dedicated tech partner and change the world with meaningful web and mobile apps.

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