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ZipHire added a social twist to old-fashioned recruitment through a multimedia platform for online and mobile hiring
ZipHire is a recruitment platform including a social twist to their web and mobile apps to help job seekers and businesses looking to hire!
Location:Manchester, UK
web platform
mobile apps



the challenge

Ziphire wanted a different approach from any other recruitment platform, and to include a social twist with businesses being able to advertise their own special deals to job seekers.

the solution

Our team fully-analyzed the startup brief and requirements and developed a full-featured platform for job seekers and companies looking to hire alike.

The mobile app was designed for job seekers' lifestyle, mostly in their 20s. It allows them to interact with posts, which are not necessarily only job-related or about special deals, but also include relevant local news.


the result

app development services

our contribution
  • Full iOS development;
  • Full Android development;
  • Full RESTful API development using Ruby on Rails;
  • Full back-end development using Ruby on Rails;
  • Full front-end development for web dashboard and landing page;
  • UX/UI design;
  • Project management;
  • Product strategy & technical consulting.
    Jobseeker application:
  • Local feed (matched jobs, news, alerts) and social interactions;
  • Alerts triggered by businesses and push notifications;
  • Chat with the potential employer;
  • Profile and settings management;
  • Account management.
  • Business application:
  • Advance filter-system for candidate;
  • Create alerts to a targeted audience;
  • Integrated payments (PayPal) for alert packages;
  • Chat with candidates;
  • Account and profile management;
  • Landing page.

tools & technologies

Android Studio
ruby on rails
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