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healthtech teletherapy app

Vita Health
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healthtech teletherapy app

Vita Health
Experience the ease and accessibility of teletherapy and psychiatry services.
UX/UI design
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Vita Health is dedicated to providing comprehensive teletherapy and psychiatry services specifically designed for 12 to 24-year-olds living with a broad spectrum of conditions. Additionally, Vita Health offers critical suicide intervention services for individuals of all ages. Moreover, Vita Health is HIPAA compliant, ensuring the highest privacy and security standards for all our users' health information.
2023 - 2023

developingVita Health


the challenge

Vita Health had the goal to address several critical gaps in mental health care for young people and those in crisis. The increasing prevalence of mental health issues among 12 to 24-year-olds highlighted the need for accessible, age-appropriate teletherapy and psychiatry services. 

Traditional mental health services often struggle to reach this demographic effectively, especially outside regular business hours. The stigma around seeking mental health care further complicates access, making it crucial to provide a discreet and convenient way for young people to get help.

Moreover, the demand for immediate, effective suicide intervention services for people of all ages has grown, emphasizing the importance of having a reliable, easily accessible platform. Ensuring user engagement and accessibility for a tech-savvy yet diverse user base required careful consideration of design and usability.

the solution

To address these challenges, together with our partners from Vita Health, we developed a robust and user-friendly platform with several solutions. We implemented an intuitive UI/UX design that resonates with young users, incorporating ease of use and engaging interfaces to foster comfort and regular use. 

We ensured that the platform met stringent security and privacy standards, safeguarding all user data by using Ruby on Rails for backend development and AWS for infrastructure. We utilized advanced video call technology to enable reliable, secure video sessions and implemented Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication to ensure safe and easy access for both clinicians and patients. 

By addressing these challenges head-on, we created a platform that meets the clinical and emotional needs of young users while providing a reliable, secure, and efficient tool for clinicians. Vita Health stands as a testament to our commitment to leveraging technology to improve mental health care access and outcomes.

the result


core tech

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app development services

our contribution
  • UX/UI Design
  • Project Management
  • Web development
  • iOS & Android development
  • Quality Assurance


  • Web portal for clinicians
  • SSO authentication
  • Integration with EHR
  • List of appointments and patients
  • Video calls for appointments
  • Sending surveys
  • Reading survey results
  • Mobile apps for patients
  • Join video session for appointments
  • Fill in surveys

tools & technologies

  • Figma
  • AWS


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