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We were happy with Wolfpack Digital’s work, it's proven, very useful and we were able to manage projects from long distance. Thank you for your services!
Chen Lev
CEO at Storyball



Storyball is a revolutionary and award-winning IoT startup that helps children enjoy technology and outdoor play while reducing screen time to the minimum.

The smart toy keeps kids busy and active through games that require physical effort and movements; The toy's engagement is driven by interactive audio stories, fun quizzes, and challenges that are carefully designed to make children want to leave their devices away and explore the world around them with their favorite characters.


the challenge

The smart Storyball with changeable skins transforms itself into a companion for kids giving them the chance to play, learn, and exercise in a fun way. In 2018, when we partnered-up, the Android application was already launched, and our mission was to grow the product and create an iOS app as well.

the solution

The Storyball team met our experts, discussed all the needs and expectations, and in just a few months, we developed a smooth and successful iOS app connected to the toy via Bluetooth, while the top-secret game logic implementation was done by Storyball’s CTO, Giora Vered as well as the RESTful API integration. In the end, we managed to create together a screenless IoT game for kids activated by an iOS app.

The Bluetooth connection is made to easily share content through the app, making this smart toy easy to use by parents both online and offline and to organize or track children's activity.

the result

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Digital age learners require new pedagogical solutions. Storyball provides an optimal combination of the digital and physical world, motivating kids to be physically active at the same time that they enjoy developing digital skills.
Dr. Cecillia Waismann, VP of Research & Development at MindCET EdTech Innovation Center
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app development services

our contribution
  • iOS App Development;
  • IT Consultancy;
  • Project management;


  • Sign up and login process;
  • Storyball collection management;
  • Account (and kids' profile) management;
  • Statistics;
  • Mission journey and details;
  • QR code scanning;
  • Bluetooth connectivity;

tools & technologies


the app launch

success story

After the app launch, Storyball was awarded The World’s Most Innovative Educational Toy by the Global EdTech Startup Awards, part of TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco, 1,362 backers pledged $136,126 on Kickstarter to help bring this project to life and, in 2019, they were the winners of the Pioneers Challenge Award!


The Storyball team that innovated how kids play today using technology: Meir Biton - CPO, Chen Lev - CEO, Adi Maimon Geffen - COO, Yuval Lombrozo - CTO, Giora Vered - Software Developer.


Storyball won the Pioneer of the Year startup award for their smart toy that gets kids away from screens and got a networking trip to Silicon Valley.


The Storyball mobile app gives the opportunity for kids to be at the same time tech-savvy and screen-free.

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