IoT health app
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An IoT Health App for Healing Injuries with a revolutionary HyperLaser
PowerMedic Lasers is a Danish company offering a healing HyperLaser.



the challenge

 The purpose of all PowerMedic products is what underlines their overall objective as well – to aid in healing.


the solution

We are happy to be part of their journey and to help build the IoT mobile app connecting to the revolutionary healing device, starting with the year 2019. PowerMedic helps patients with their recovery after injury and boosting fertility.


the result

We developed an Android mobile app that successfully meets our client's goals and helps demonstrate the powerful capabilities of the HyperLaser.

app development services

our contribution
  • Web development with Ruby on Rails;
  • Android development.
  • Web backend to sustain the tablet app;
  • Android tablet app to control the HyperLaser;
  • Offline support of the App.

tools & technologies

Android Studio
ruby on rails
BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy
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