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A traveling app that helps discover the real Parisian life through booked tours with local ambassadors who share the same interests

Location:Paris, France



Parisdize is a startup from Paris, France, which aims to change the way people visit and experience the wonderful city of Paris! The platform offers a unique travel experience that allows people to find a local person who shares the same interests and connects them for a booked tour to discover the authentic Parisian life. 


the challenge

The idea was to create a traveling platform that connects tourists with local ambassadors while including localized features and UX for the Chinese travelers, in order to make it the go-to service for the Chinese tourists as well. 

the solution

The team identified and outlined the Parisdize elements and the company's target market to design and develop a fresh concept behind the Paris travel app that allows travelers to choose their local guide based on their extensive profile and interests, rather than a set tour, therefore enhancing a truly immersive and artsy experience. 

To ensure smooth user experience and a great match between travelers and local ambassadors, we designed and built advanced profile filtering, in order to provide a 100% match in terms of common interests and personality! The feature is providing a fully-personalized trip and an introduction to the Parisian lifestyle. 

The web application was developed in 2018 and is currently undergoing maintenance.

the result


app development services

our contribution
  • UX/UI design for the booking and payment features;
  • Full front-end development;
  • Full back-end development;
  • Project management.


  • Feed to explore the list of Paris ambassadors;
  • Advanced profile filtering;
  • Paris ambassadors' profile;
  • Booking system;
  • Payment management;
  • Review system;
  • Chinese localization;
  • Admin interface for content management.

tools & technologies

ruby on rails
Circle CI (CI/CD

interactive app prototype

get the feel of the app
Play around with this clickable interactive prototype and navigate from screen to screen.
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