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Mmm Good

A booking app that connects travelers and hosts around traditional home-cooked meals

Location:Geneva, Switzerland

developingMmm Good


The origins of Mmm Good startup are deeply connected to the unbelievable story of Kristian Kurman, the CEO and founder of Mmm Good, who has traveled to 160 countries and has lived in 25 of them. 

Our collaboration started with a visit from Kristian to our office, during which we had an intense and productive Product Discovery Workshop. His vision was to create a marketplace where hosts can cook homemade meals and invite guests over for a unique cultural experience. 


the challenge

During the Product Discovery Workshop and through marketing research, we have agreed on building a booking application that connects both hosts and guests, targeting Web, Android, and iOS platforms. 

The challenge was to create a platform based on a simple formula: one host, one kitchen, one guest - and lots of stories to tell. Mmm Good would become a cultural exchange app that brings people from different backgrounds closer.

the solution

The Mmm Good app is a tool for cultural exchange that connects locals who want to share their traditional food, stories, and culture with tourists. 

The hosts can use the iOS and Android app to invite guests for a cooked meal and have full control of the availability, rates, house rules they want to share. One important aspect is the security which the food and catering platform provides for both types of users. Through careful screening, now sharing your culture and traditions is safe, fun, and simple. 

the result


app development services

our contribution
  • Defining requirements;
  • Wireframing;
  • UX/UI Design;
  • Android App Development;
  • iOS App Development;
  • Web App Development;
  • Project Management;
  • Quality Assurance.


  • Hosts functionality to create, edit, view, remove experiences;
  • Guests functionality to view, book and rate experiences;
  • Guests functionality to discover experiences based on locations, food restrictions or diet preferences;
  • Chat functionality for guests & hosts;
  • Authentication with our server/social media apps and account management;
  • Landing page for gathering a user base before release.

tools & technologies

Android SDK
ruby on rails
iOS & Swift
Postgres & FAE CMS
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