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professional cleaners app

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Kliner connects individuals and businesses with exceptional professional house cleaners in just a few seconds!
2020 - 2021



the challenge

Kliner aimed to provide a seamless and refined solution for customers seeking the best cleaning options for their households or offices. The product required great attention to user experience and design, given the diverse range of users ranging from businesses and rental properties to individuals needing cleaning services, as well as housekeepers, cleaners, and cleaning companies across France.

the solution

For Kliner, we have digitalized and streamlined all cleaning services into one comprehensive system. 

The app enables individuals to swiftly locate cleaning partners and book cleaning services (such as home or office/AirBnB cleaning) based on location and specific requirements. 

Users can effortlessly arrange a one-time or recurring household help service with a simple click, allowing businesses and rental properties to efficiently oversee their space's cleaning operations while reducing maintenance expenses. 

Cleaners and cleaning companies can promptly assemble a team of household helpers trained to their specifications, manage service schedules, monitor inventory upon entry, provide linen and hospitality kits for guests, and much more through the dedicated partners' app. 

In the meantime, Kliner's team can seamlessly oversee and facilitate communication between customers and cleaning partners via the Admin Dashboard. 

There is no successful housework without successful housekeepers, and to help promote the business, we have also developed a website and blog with a clean and fresh aesthetic.

the result


core tech

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app development services

our contribution
  • UX/UI design;
  • iOS app development;
  • Android app development;
  • Web app development;
  • Project Management;
  • Quality Assurance;


  • Real-time location map to highlight demand and order/take orders based on needs and location
  • The type of cleaning and maintenance service the user wants to select
  • Service scheduling
  • One-off and recurring household service request
  • Multiple user roles and flows: customers, businesses, individual cleaners, cleaning companies
  • Admin panel
  • Payment processing
  • Order Management

tools & technologies

  • AWS
  • firebase
  • bitrise
  • Circle CI


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Cluj-Napoca HQ: 37 Racoviță Street, 400165, Romania
Dublin: 42 Pearse Street, D02 YX88, Ireland
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