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JobNinja app is the ‘Tinder for the recruitment world’ that connects recruiters with suitable candidates.
JobNinja app is the ‘Tinder for the recruitment world’ where a swipe-right connects recruiters with suitable candidates.
Location:Munich, Germany
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the challenge

JobNinja wanted to create an environment where the recruitment process is the digitalized, and the main advantage for employers is the fact they get connected to the most smartphone-savvy candidates that are qualified for the specific job opening due to an innovative matching algorithm. 

the solution

To make JobNinja app simple and fun to use, we designed and developed an app interface where a simple swipe-right from the smartphone can connect job applicants to their dream job. 

In terms of matching and recommending algorithms, the RESTful API was made available by JobNinja, and we created a job search that can be used to filter specific requests, such as job types, experience level, job function and title, industry, and much more!


the result

app development services

our contribution
  • Native iOS app development;
  • App maintenance;
  • Project management;
  • IT consultancy.
  • Swipe feature to explore a list of available jobs;
  • Complex filter system;
  • Easy Apply feature by swipping right;
  • Easy Hide Job feature by swiping left;
  • Matched jobs list and details feed;
  • User profiles and CVs;
  • Settings and management.

tools & technologies

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