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Investor Recourse
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The finance web platform that serves as an investment guardian
Investor Recourse is a New York-based fintech startup that offers a suite of financial management tools for regular people, making investment clear-cut and intuitive.
Location:New York City, US
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developingInvestor Recourse


the challenge

The Investor Recourse web platform helps identify any hidden fees and financial frauds, empowering people passionate about investment. The mission of Investor Recourse is to lead investors towards financial freedom or retirement. Our design team worked closely with Mario Claudio Lattuga, the founder of Investor Recourse, to provide a straightforward UI/UX design for the fintech application.

the solution

The Invsetor Recourse is an investment monitoring solution that helps users identify their financial goals, link their investment accounts, and ultimately disclose and eliminate hidden investment fees. With Investor Recourse, public investors have the right tools for budgeting and retirement planning while being aware of and protected from investment fraud.


the result

app development services

our contribution
  • Full UX/UI design;
  • User testing and validation;
  • Building an interactive prototype;
  • Mobile optimization for all pages;
  • Project management;
  • Design QA;
  • WIX Web page development;
  • Promo video editing.
  • Authentication;
  • Client onboarding;
  • Client accounts;
  • Portfolio review for suitability and performance;
  • Active and automated investment monitoring and oversight for general wellness investment and potential fraud.

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