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The social media app focused on meaningful content about the world’s biggest issues and topics!
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UX/UI design
iOS app
Ideacracy is a social media app focused on meaningful and tailored content about 12 world’s biggest problems, starting with democracy, to climate change and equal rights!
Location:New York, USA
2019 - 2021



the challenge

Most of the social media platforms are noisy and crowded nowadays. Ideacracy partnered with us to build a social media app where users could easily engage with meaningful causes, activists, and leaders and ultimately influence the trajectory of society. 

To kick off our collaboration, we conducted a Product Discovery Workshop to establish the product's features, roadmap and direction while keeping the audience's behavior and needs in mind.

the solution

We built an iOS app that is intuitive, elegant, fun, and focused!

Users can swiftly create an account, complete a comprehensive profile, and seamlessly navigate tailored content. 

The app also empowers users to filter content by their preferred categories, providing them with a curated and validated feed. This approach ensures that the users' time on the platform is as meaningful and enriching as possible, aligning perfectly with Ideacracy's mission.


the result


core tech

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app development services

our contribution
  • Design user interface and user experience (UX/UI) for the iOS app;
  • Design the web app preview;
  • Create branding elements;
  • Build the server infrastructure and the Admin interface;
  • iOS app development;
  • Web preview page development;
  • Quality assurance;
  • Project management.


  • Social media iOS app with iPhone usability only;
  • Causes discover feature;
  • Multimedia content creation editor and publish feature;
  • Third-party share feature;
  • Web preview of the app;
  • Admin panel for content and user management.

tools & technologies

  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Simple Notification Service

introductive app prototype

get the feel of the app
Play around with this clickable interactive prototype and navigate from screen to screen.

life after app launch

success story

At the beginning of the Ideacracy journey, Richard and Ray came to Cluj-Napoca to meet our team and have the Product Discovery Workshop.


Working close with CEO Richard Kim on the wireframes for the Ideacracy app.


WATCH VIDEO:The Ideacracy team and the Wolfpack Digital team having a friendly chat in New York in the middle of our collaboration.


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Cluj-Napoca HQ: 9 Emile Zola Street, 400112, Romania
Dublin: 42 Pearse Street, D02 YX88, Ireland
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