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The journey with Ideacracy started at the moment when Richard Kim, a startup founder from the USA living in Germany at that time, has contacted us saying he wanted to create a meaningful place where people could discuss and find solutions to the world’s biggest causes. Having a clear plan in mind, the Wolfpack Digital team took care of the start-to-end process of building a social media app. Therefore, our app designers created a clean and elegant design with a perfect User Experience journey and the app developers implemented the wanted functionalities. The iOS app provides the opportunity for the users to engage with focused content based on the 12 causes available to follow in the app - Democracy. Climate Change, Health Care, Gun Control, Immigration, Education, Wealth Inequality, Women’s Rights, Water&Food Waste, LGBTQ Rights, Racial Equality, and Plastic Waste. The user, in the end, has a feed with carefully selected content that is validated, accurate and precise making her time spent on social media purposeful.


  • Newsfeed where users can select which specific causes to follow;
  • Create and publish a post on your feed;
  • External share to people who don't have the app installed;
  • Web preview of the app;
  • Admin dashboard to manage content and users.
  • industry

    Social Media




  • Design the iOS app and the web preview;
  • Branding elements creation;
  • Building the web server and the admin interface;
  • iOS app development;
  • Web preview page development;
  • Quality Assurance;
  • Project Management.
  • tools & technologies

  • Swift 5;
  • Ruby on Rails;
  • FAE CMS;
  • MixPanel for Analytics;
  • Sketch;
  • InVision app.
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