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IoT app for sports

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IoT app for sports

A revolutionary approach to help goalkeepers become professional soccer players using smart gloves!
UX/UI design
mobile apps
Oliver Kahn, the famous German soccer player and a titan of the sports industry, partnered with us for a smart sports app to help the young generation of goalkeepers!
2019 - 2021



the challenge

GoalPlay aspired to democratize professional coaching and goalkeeping training, making it accessible beyond the elite. 

Our challenge was to develop a digital solution that eases the coaching processes and empowers trainees to take charge of their own improvement journey by identifying the skills they need to improve and offering the right training exercises through the app. 

the solution

To bring GoalPlay's vision to life, first, we defined the product strategy and features, then harnessing the power of the Internet of Things, we built an Android app integrated with smart sports gloves. 
These gloves communicate via Bluetooth and contain an AI-powered sensor that intelligently detects the trainee's movements.

The app enables users to create profiles and pinpoint areas for improvement. Its algorithm then automatically matches the identified skills with corresponding exercises, all tailored to the trainee's chosen proficiency level. 

With a freemium business model, GoalPlay offers subscription-based access to various features, including goalkeeping training objectives, distinct training levels, and an array of exercise formats (videos, training plans, comprehensive exercise libraries).

As trainees embark on their exercise program, GoalPlay supplements their journey with personalized insights and performance metrics, empowering them to enhance their game in real-time.

the result


core tech

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app development services

our contribution
  • Defining requirements;
  • Wireframing;
  • UX/UI Design;
  • Android IoT App Development;
  • Project Management;
  • Quality Assurance.


  • Connect to the Glove Sensor;
  • Training exercises, skills and user level matching algorithm;
  • Track Training Sessions;
  • Store Training Sessions;
  • Sensor Data Synchronization.

tools & technologies

  • Circle CI

introductive app prototype

get the feel of the app
Play around with this clickable interactive prototype and navigate from screen to screen.

client reviews

Cristian Prodaniuc 's testimonial about working with Wolfpack Digital
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Wolfpack Digital delivered functional mobile apps and played a significant role in the successful launch of the iOS app. In addition to having strong project management skills, the team is always accessible and honest. Their development work has been solid, making for a satisfactory experience.
Cristian Prodaniuc
Software Engineer at GoalPlay

life after app launch

success story

The Goalplay team is helping the training philosophy of the Reals youth academy through its partnership with Fundación Real Madrid Clinics, the official football school of the royal team!


The app that is designed for goalkeepers by the one and only - Oliver Kahn.


WATCH VIDEO:GoalPlay app connects the smart sports equipment with the mobile devices to improve athletes’ performance.


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