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Building a web and mobile app to create UX/UI prototypes in minutes

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Fluid UI is a prototyping tool that helps designers, product managers, developers, and everyone else to quickly prototype digital products or apps using built-in material design, iOS, Windows, and Wireframe libraries. 

The web app allows rapid prototyping, provides over 2000 built-in components, and allows users to upload existing assets.


the challenge

We were approached by the Fluid UI CEO to build two mobile apps to allow registered users to view their built projects and prototypes and use their mobile devices for better and easier testing and simulations of their work.

To create fast and smooth iOS and Android apps that allow a seamless transition between screens, fast testing and full experience to go through an entire prototype using a mobile device, we needed a powerful infrastructure and a clean UX/UI to test the flows easily!

the solution

Fluid UI mobile apps work as a player through which designers, developers, product managers, and everyone who has a prototype can easily test how the built mockups on the web platform work across any mobile device using the iOS and Android apps. The RESTful API was made available by FluidUI

One can simply scan the QR code of a project to preview it on the mobile device to test it, so they can easily have a real feel of the prototype and re-iterate the idea accordingly if needed.

the result

555D2A0E-D837-485A-932B-B607DF335B9BCreated with sketchtool.
Check out @FluidUI for the best prototyping software I have ever used.
Ben Way, Entrepreneur and bestselling author
555D2A0E-D837-485A-932B-B607DF335B9BCreated with sketchtool.

app development services

our contribution
  • Full iOS development;
  • Full Android development;
  • Project management;
  • Release app on Google Play Store;
  • Release app on Apple App Store.


  • Login;
  • Load and preview existing prototypes;
  • Retrieve project by scanning a QR code;
  • Prototype viewing and navigation;
  • Prototype (custom) sharing.

tools & technologies

Android Studio/Java

the app launch

success story

Fluid UI is used by designers, developers, and product creators in 196 countries and 17k cities worldwide, 750k+ users build their ideas using the platform! Amongst the built prototypes, FluiUI was also used by eBay, Dell, MasterCard, LinkedIn, Google, Salesforce, Xerox, Oracle, Samsung, Siemens, and many others!


The Fluid UI team is giving back to the community by supporting such organizations like Girls who code, Luma Labs, and Coder Dojo.


David Kerney, Founder and CEO at Fluid UI speaking of the importance of user feedback in design.


Fluid UI supports on-campus education and is helping teachers and tutors with bringing innovation closer to students.

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