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First Agenda

The meeting app that reduces preparation time by 10 - 15% for organizations and municipalities!

Location:Aarhus, Denmark

developingFirst Agenda


FirstAgenda is a web and mobile app designed to facilitate administrative work for all the meetings on the agenda: you have the most updated versions of the meeting material, and it is always accessible for notes, highlights, comments, and PDF exports.


the challenge

The app helps people manage their meetings, and it has to offer an easy to use interface to create an agenda, add files, invite people, publish and synchronize the agenda when files or other info is updated, prepare for the meeting by highlighting or taking notes on the files and chat with the other participants, actually hold the meeting and have all the decisions documented. 

the solution

We've created an Android app to easily save time (and costs) of meeting preparations with just a few taps on the mobile devices to share documents, invite people, comment, highlight and chat with coworkers, while keeping a high-security level of all the documents and meetings!

the result

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One big advantage of First Agenda is that you have all of your meeting documents at your fingertips. You don't have to carry large piles of paper around.
Inger Kvannes, Committee Secretary, The City of Oslo
555D2A0E-D837-485A-932B-B607DF335B9BCreated with sketchtool.

app development services

our contribution
  • Full Android development;
  • Project management;
  • Release to Google Play Store.


  • Login;
  • Audio recording;
  • Upload files with back-off strategy;
  • Continuous speech recognition;
  • Bidirectional pagination;
  • Local calendar synchronization;
  • Fingerprint security.

tools & technologies

Android Studio
RESTful API made available by FirstAgenda

the app launch

success story

First Agenda was named as one of the top 10 start-ups in Denmark in 2017, and it has an important investment from The Danish Growth Fund. Up until now, over 200,000 meetings were done using First Agenda and 95% of municipalities in Denmark use it to run the country efficiently!

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