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Everon | Digital Private Banking Services
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Everon is a Swiss wealth management app that truly believes in democratizing private banking by offering access to outstanding investment opportunities that are geared to every person's needs.
2020 - Present



the challenge

Everon specializes in delivering swift and user-friendly private banking services tailored to the Swiss market's demands, where individuals juggle diverse income streams, wealth portfolios, and complex financial needs, ranging from inheritance to investments, properties, pensions, and cryptocurrencies. 

Our challenge on this project was to create an application that could consolidate all these financial services and investment opportunities into one unified platform.

the solution

Together with Everon, we developed an all-in-one app that allows clients to plan and organize almost all of their financial matters. Everon offers private banking services quickly and easily. The app is designed for the Swiss market needs and aims to offer targeted services such as wealth management, vested benefits, pillar 3a, private markets, and payments.

Monitoring and providing data is a key component of Everon: delivering statistics, graphs, reportings, forecasts, and many more in a simple and elegant solution. Everon is the ideal digital solution for everyone who wants to take care of their finances. Be it asset management, pension provision, vested benefits accounts, private markets, and many more.


the result


core tech

app development services

our contribution
  • UX/UI design;
  • Android development;
  • iOS development;
  • Web development;
  • Project management;
  • Quality assurance.


  • User wealth profile;
  • Biometrics authentication;
  • Custom data and inputs based on profile;
  • Live messaging;
  • Custom notifications;
  • Custom & admin-controlled email templates;
  • SMS validation features;
  • Automated app language based on device lang;
  • Face and ID scan integration;
  • Complex graphs for wealth and investment tracking;
  • Email notifications based on user events;
  • Contract signing via SMS code;
  • Contract signing via digital signature.

tools & technologies

  • Azure
  • Docker
  • Bitbucket pipeline
  • Kibana
  • Electronic IDentification
  • Open Banking API
  • Circle CI
  • bitrise
  • Twilio
  • firebase

life after app launch

success story

Everon and QBit Capital secured the first private investment.



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