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everon | the future of private banking
Everon is a Swiss wealth management app that truly believes in democratizing private banking by offering access to outstanding investment opportunities that are geared to every person's needs.
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the challenge

Each person has multiple sources of income and wealth such as inheritance, salary, investments, properties, pension, and a real need for an app that can cover all of those investment and wealth management opportunities under one roof. 

the solution

Together with Everon we’ve built a brand new product that can reunite all of these needs under one solution for all. The app is designed for the Swiss market needs and aims to offer targeted services such as wealth management, vested benefits, private markets, banking etc. 
Monitoring and providing real data is a key component of Everon systems, so this is why one of the most important features is the statistics’ one that displays graphs, summaries, reporting, predictions and more, so the users can know at all times where the money has been invested and what outcomes are there. 
The app algorithm is designed and developed in such a way that it can run a full profile and measurement of the potential investment based on the wealth, source and potential of each customer in order to ensure wealth increase, predictive measurements and user engagement.


the result

app development services

our contribution
  • UX/UI design;
  • Android development;
  • iOS development;
  • Web development;
  • Project management;
  • Quality assurance.
  • User wealth profile;
  • Biometrics authentication;
  • Custom data and inputs based on profile;
  • Live messaging;
  • Fully featured and one-shop-stop Admin Panel;
  • Custom notifications;
  • Custom & admin-controlled email templates;
  • Assetmax integration for financial assets;
  • HBL bank integration for bank accounts and financial validation;
  • Swisscom integration for SMS validation;
  • Automated app language based on device lang;
  • eID face and ID scan integration;
  • Complex graphs for wealth and investment tracking;
  • Email notifications based on user events in the Admin panel;
  • Contract signing via SMS code;
  • Contract signing via Docusign digital signature.

tools & technologies

ruby on rails
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