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entertainment app

An interactive way to enjoy, create, and engage with music
iOS & Android apps
Deezer is a music streaming platform that provides a diverse musical experience, inviting users to move beyond passive listening and tune into a dynamic and exciting way to interact with music.
2022 - 2023



the challenge

Deezer wanted to add an exciting dimension to its user experience and put its extensive music library to use in a way that allows music enthusiasts to elevate and diversify their music encounters, actively engage with their favorite songs in an interactive and participatory manner and foster a sense of community.

the solution

Deezer turned to us to expand its team and offer users a fun and empowering new experience. Our collective goal was to craft an application that would resonate with music enthusiasts worldwide, enhancing their engagement and interaction with their favorite tunes in a novel and captivating way. Our partnership with Deezer exemplifies our dedication to taking on the unknown, transforming difficulties into opportunities for growth, and collaborating with industry leaders to push the boundaries of technology.

the result


core tech

app development services

our contribution
  • iOS app development;
  • Android app development;
  • Project management;
  • Quality Assurance.


  • Authentication;
  • Music player;
  • Playlists;
  • Favourite songs;
  • Search for songs;
  • Artist voice toggle;
  • Audio and video recording;
  • Audio and video filters;
  • Option to download recordings.

tools & technologies

  • Android Studio
  • xcode
  • Hilt
  • Factory
  • GraphQL
  • Apollo GraphQL
  • Camera X
  • MockK
  • ExoPlayer


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