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driver’s behavior analysis app

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driver’s behavior analysis app

The web platform and mobile app that analyses drivers’ behavior
iOS & Android apps
web apps
BAPP is web platform and an iOS & Android app that analyses drivers’ behavior and sends tailored reports to insurance partners.
2021 - 2021



the challenge

The long-term vision for the product is to revolutionize drivers' experience by offering incentives made through gamification. The goal is to motivate drivers to improve their driving behaviors and, at the same time, help insurance companies optimize their packages and costs. 

the solution

Through an engaging gamified mobile app and a front-facing camera installed inside the cars, the platform analyzes driving behaviors and provides real-time feedback and actionable insights, helping drivers master the road trip by trip.

The platform utilizes the collected driving data to assist insurance companies in offering tailored coverage and competitive rates, thus creating a win-win situation: safer driving, lower insurance costs, and fewer claims for insurance companies.

the result


core tech

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app development services

our contribution
  • Web app development;
  • iOS App development;
  • Android app development;
  • Quality assurance;
  • Project management.


  • Game-like driving challenges;
  • Push notifications;
  • Personalized chatbot;
  • Insurance purchases;
  • Insurer dashboard;
  • Video streaming;
  • Driving stats and scores.

tools & technologies

  • Azure
  • Firebase Segment
  • Circle CI
  • bitrise

client reviews

Arthur Wandzel's testimonial about working with Wolfpack Digital
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The most impressive quality was the technical execution and friendliness of the teams we worked with. I was impressed with how they set and delivered to expectations.
Arthur Wandzel
CTO & Head of AI of JAMM Technology


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