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365 Days Luxembourgish

An educational mobile app to assist the Luxembourgish language learning


developing365 Days Luxembourgish


The idea behind the 365 Days Luxembourgish app was to design and create a language learning app with a very unique concept: throughout an entire year, the user has daily access to a set of lessons to progressively learn the Luxembourgish language!

This app also serves as a teaching tool for the Languages.lu, a school from Luxembourg, and allows them to share daily lessons on grammar, vocabulary, and expressions (both written and oral). 


the challenge

The 365 Days Luxembourgish app needed a start-to-end solution with a friendly and engaging step-by-step learning method, so students in schools and people from all over the world can easily go through the teaching classes. 

the solution

We created an app that provides a push notification system to announce the new daily-lesson with its interactive exercises and a final test for users to pass to the next lesson.

The 365 days Luxembourgish app is bringing the digital transformation into traditional language-learning practices and offers over 10 types of exercises that allow the users to expand and improve their vocabulary in an engaging and regular way. 

The app is developed for iOS and Android app markets to ensure a higher reach and engagement for schools and multiple types of users!

the result


app development services

our contribution
  • UX/UI design;
  • Full iOS development;
  • Full Android development;
  • Full CMS web development using Ruby on Rails;
  • Full API development;
  • Project management & IT consultancy;
  • QA testing;
  • Release in Google Play Store;
  • Release in Apple App Store.


  • Algorithm to allow multiple types of interactive exercises: pair-matching, listening, word/phrase translation, etc.;
  • Daily lessons and tests as combinations of various exercises;
  • Grouping of daily lessons into modules;
  • Progress tracking;
  • Web CMS for managing daily exercises and tests;
  • User profile, login, and register;
  • In-App purchases and payment system.

tools & technologies

ruby on rails
Android Studio/Java

The app launch at Luxembourg Internet Days.


Daniela Clara Moraru showcasing the 365 Days Luxembourgish application.


The ‘language learning calendar’ that has been adapted into a digital solution.

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