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Techsylvania 2022 - A Journey Together

Wolfpack Digital x Techsylvania
Marketing Specialist
Jul 20, 2022 β€’ 4 min

You should know an important thing about us - we love our community, meeting people with the same interests as us, and sharing our experiences.

An event that covers all is Techsylvania - and we truly love it! ✨ Our journey with Techsylvania started more than four years ago, and we don't plan to stop. For the 5th year in a row, Wolfpack Digital was a sponsor for Techsylvania. 

After two years of the event taking place only online and behind the screens, this year, Techsylvania was held in a hybrid model: online & offline.

The conference location was in Cluj-Napoca at Student's Culture House πŸ›οΈ - a unique venue in the city's center. On the 28 & 29th of June, for two days, it was the meeting point for tech companies, entrepreneurs, innovators, developers, enthusiasts, and many more.

The attraction points of Techsylvania

Center Stage & Impact Stage πŸ’« - where speakers shared their experiences and held talks covering multiple verticals - from business and entrepreneurship to crypto and sustainability; 

Workshops Stage πŸ“š - where participants could get a bit deeper into different topics;

Q&A Stage πŸ™‹ - for the curious minds;

Exhibition Areas πŸ“ - with companies' booths, merch, and good vibes;

Startup Alley πŸš€ - literally an alley with incredible startups;

Networking Area πŸ’­ - the perfect opportunity for networking, getting to know people & businesses, and sharing experiences & best practices.

Inspiring Talks

The conferences & talks are a big part of what makes Techsylvania special. The first day started in the Center Stage with the opening remarks and continued its flow with Mark Porter from MongoDB with "From Start-up to Scale-up: Growing Teams, Leaders, and Culture". 

Interesting topics were covered, from Product Development at Fitbit with Margaret Hollendoner from Google to discovering helpful insights in "The Entrepreneur's Secret" with Zoltan Vardy from The Launch Code or in “The Culture of Innovation and Digital in Banking” - an engaging conversation between Carlo Driussi from UniCredit Bank and Philipp Kandal.

The second day started in the same enthusiastic way. The first talk was "The Challenge of Building a Multi-Billion Dollar Company that Most Founders Don't Talk About In Conversation" with Sacha Dragic from Superbet.

Next, Jasper Schulte from Getir raised an interesting point. People learn from their mistakes in business and everyday life, which can be a powerful tool for continual self-development. That doesn't mean that making mistakes every day is okay. πŸ˜‚ The talk was called "You Should Fail More!". Quite the call-to-action, isn't it? 

Moving forward, the second day had some diverse topics: Artificial Intelligence (with Newton Howard from ni2o - one of our favorite speakers), Metaverse, Crypto, and even a talk called "The Future of Neurocognition".

One of the talks that caught our eyes was - "Why a Sustainable Cloud Makes Business - and Social - Sense" held by Albane Bruyas from Scaleway. More and more businesses are now tackling sustainability and how to integrate it into their businesses and work life. 

We think it's essential to find a sustainable way to grow as a business and use the resources efficiently as much as possible, including when discussing servers. πŸƒ

The Wolf Experience 

Our headquarters is in the center of Cluj-Napoca, a cozy vintage building we decorated in a ‘wolfy’ way. To share a bit of our everyday life, we decided to bring a corner of it to the booth area and give you a byte of how the Pack works. 🐺

Visitors told us they were intrigued by our wolf, which was a cool conversation starter. They learned about us, what we do, and why we are called Wolfpack Digital. Between conversations, we prepared a couple of activities:

A virtual office tour in VR - We wanted to present the whole Wolfpack Digital experience, and by visiting our booth, you could get the full taste of what our actual office looks like in VR and discover the little things we did to create a workspace that everyone can enjoy. And to be honest, we got some compliments. 😍

The Photobooth, Along with a Colorful Memory - This was a highlight of our booth, and we had quite a lot of fun with it. πŸ“Έ The perfect ingredients for the ideal photos were: some excited techsylvanians, fun photo props, and of course, a good strategy for how to pose. 

We seasoned everything with little mementos you could take home and remember your experience with us at Techsylvania: stickers, pens, coasters, and healthy snacks. 🍏

Attendants could also enjoy satellite events in the same period the conference took place.

The official end of Techsylvania was marked by a fun after-party experience held at the CBC Cluj rooftop, which was a fantastic opportunity for both networking and enjoying the sunset. 

We love a good tech event, and this year, Techsylvania exceeded our expectations, especially since we waited quite a long time to join it physically. 

We met amazing people, shared ideas, participated in meaningful and valuable talks, and had fun. 😌

As this year's theme was - #exploretoday and #innovatetomorrow - we can say that we got back to our Den with some takeaways that we'll use in our mission to develop Powerful Web & Mobile Apps Start-to-End.

Until next time,

With Love ❀️,

The Wolfpack Digital team 

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