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Success Story: No7 Pro Derm Scan

Marketing Specialist
Nov 29, 2022 โ€ข 7 min

People are investing more in finding the perfect skincare routine, leading to increasing product consumption worldwide; we pay more attention to protecting our skin and enhancing our daily routines to achieve and maintain healthier skin. 

It’s great that there is a trend that raises awareness among us regarding our skin health quality. Still, to treat and boost our skin condition, first, we need to deeply understand our skin tone, pores, the level of hydration, wrinkles, and skin type in general, to ensure that we’re using the right products for our skin type and we’re not doing any further damage to it. This is where No7 Pro Derm Scan comes in. 


No 7 Pro Derm Scan is among the first solutions and services at this point that is available nationwide (United Kingdom), powered by No7 Skin Expert ™.

The application uses cutting-edge machine learning and IoT technology to deliver accurate and scientifically validated measurements of their consumer's skin. 

In just 1 month after launching the digital solution, the service was used by 100,000 users and received 4.9 stars out of 5 (96% of the customers rated the solution with 5 stars) and is available in more than 400 stores across the UK. 

The Results 

The staff of Independent UK tried out the No7 Pro Derm Scan solution, and this is what they can tell about the experience. 

Results before using the No7 skincare routine:

  • Hydration: 3/5
  • Fine lines and wrinkles: 3/5
  • Pores: 5/5
  • Oil balance: 1/5

After 30 days of usage of their new skincare practice based on the No7 Pro Derm Scan routine and product recommendations, the staff noticed some remarkable changes in their skin, and the result of their initial score improved dramatically in just this short period of time. 

Results after using the No7 skincare routine:

Hydration: 4/5 +33%
Fine lines and wrinkles: 5/5 +66%
Pores: 5/5 - 0%
Oil balance: 3/5 +66%

How it Works: 

You book an appointment, and in 15 minutes, you’ll get a deep analysis of your skin, getting a score (from 1 to 5) on each core element of your skin (hydration, fine lines and wrinkles, pores and oil balance) and product recommendations on how and what products to use to boost your skin. 

Scanner Setup and Color Calibration

The App uses IoT technology to perform advanced skin analysis. The professional's smartphone is connected to a special camera that offers high-resolution images. After syncing the two devices, the user needs to complete the color calibration to measure colors accurately. 

Skin Goals and Scan 

To start scanning the customer's skin, the beauty specialist needs to set up a few goals for which area of the skin they are looking to make improvements, and after that, the scanning process is done by taking a few pictures of different areas of the forehead. 

Analysis and Recommendation 

20 million skin areas are analyzed on a single scan to provide an advanced report of our skin and skin parameters, such as fine lines and wrinkles, pores, oil balance, and hydration. 

Score and improvements 

A score from 1 to 5 is given to each customer with specifications on what they should do in order to increase their skin score and obtain better results in their daily skincare routine. The App also offers data comparison to track the improvements of each customer. 

Final Thoughts 

No 7 Pro Derm Scan is a revolutionary idea that offers proven solutions to its customers by providing them with product recommendations, skincare routines, and performance tracking. 

In such a short term, the digital solution is already used in more than 400 stores and was tested by 100,000 happy customers. The No 7 Pro Derm Scan is a successful digital solution. 

We can notice that customers are demanding alternative digital services and products to obtain insightful information about their daily routines that also shape their shopping habits. 

Stay tuned for more digital solutions and success stories that make an impact and offer alternatives to our daily routines for the better. Until next time drop us your thoughts at or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with the latest updates from the Pack.

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