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Improve student engagement 2x by gamifying the remote learning process

Chief Marketing Officer
Apr 22, 2020 β€’ 2 min

Improve student engagement 2x by gamifying the remote learning process


Revolutionize education and support the thousands of schools with millions of students, parents, and teachers affected by the pandemic to create and share high-quality, interactive, video-based lessons daily.

Even though most children have been home from school in the past months, their experiences continue to be extremely different. Some schools pivoted immediately to online learning by improvising online sessions through zoom, others waited to launch formal virtual learning plans and platforms and some went completely blind into this remote learning and keep testing various teaching ways.


Create a platform for teachers to introduce gamification into their classrooms, encourage better behavior patterns, and promote creative expression. To build a faster learning process, an incredible UI/UX is needed and an amazing, fun, and entertaining educational flow for all ages to enjoy. In addition to the live videos or the pre-recorded ones, an interactive drawing board is needed, a description for each lesson or module, resources area, an interactive quiz, and a chat area to prompt discussions.


A web app that allows teachers to create video lessons that are actionable and students to engage in learning no matter if they are in class, on their couch or in the living room. To encourage educational collaboration and communication, we developed a platform that allows users to:

  • Join 1:1 video calls 
  • Join Classroom videocalls 
  • Chat and share files, both in the classroom and in the 1:1 sessions
  • Homework Management with boards for each subject, cards for each homework and access for students, parents, and teachers to see the progress of each homework.
  • Go through interactive quizzes using closed questions, open questions, multiple choices, flashcards, adventure points as an alternative to grades, skill badges, progress bars, etc.
  • Engage in a tournament feature and incentivize students to demonstrate their knowledge of the material and participate without having to raise their hands. This will make students compete, introverts are more likely to join as well and, at the end of the day, it will boost the kids’ morale by allowing them to demonstrate their understanding through a game.
  • Access their classes and modules at any time and rewatch the lesson
  • Check the list of resources available for each lesson (presentation links, articles, books, etc.)

Tools & technology stack

  • ruby on rails
  • Vue.js
  • Redis
  • AWS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Web RTC
  • OpenVidu
  • Android Kotlin/Android Studio
  • Apple Xcode
  • Swift 5.0.


A complete platform for teachers and students for easier remote learning, grading, and management

2x - 3x engagement rate increase amongst students

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